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Hey, It's A Release Blitz Tour for "Reckless" by Lex Martin

Genre: Adult, Romance, Contemporary. 406 pages.
 RELEASE WEEK Price: $2.99 ebook (at time of post)
Book Link: Click Here
For the record, I’m not going to hook up with my boss.

I'm a lot of things—a screwup, a basket case, a flunky. But when I take a nanny job to be near my pregnant sister, I swear to myself I’ll walk the straight and narrow, which means I cannot fall for my insanely hot boss.

I don't want to be tempted by that rugged rancher. By his chiseled muscles or southern charm or the way he snuggles his kids at bedtime. Ethan Carter won't get the key to my heart, no matter how much I want him. 

Between us, she's the last thing I need as I finalize my hellish divorce. 

What sane man trying to rebuild his life wants a hot nanny with long, sexy hair, curves for miles, and a smart mouth? A perfectly kissable, pouty mouth that I shouldn't notice.

My focus is on my kids and my ranch, not the insufferable siren who sleeps in the room next to mine. It doesn't matter that she wins over my kids in a heartbeat or runs my life better than I do. Tori Duran is the one woman I can't have and shouldn't want, no matter how much I crave her. 
My Rating:  πŸ“”πŸ“”πŸ“”πŸ“”πŸ“”
My Thoughts: The Siren and The Cowboy
      IDK how the heck she freaking does it, but Lex Martin has yet again written an AMAZING couple and their story is just beautiful. Every time I think I love one of her characters Lex Martin creates a pair for me to adore. I’m definitely liking these Texan men even if I’m a pure Cali city girl. 
     Life has not been kind to Victoria “Tori” Duran, who’s trying not to be the screw up of the family. Sad part is each messy situation Tori couldn’t help herself, because she’s just too passionate. So Tori decides to go on a no dating or men diet, leaving her to hide away from everyone. Tori’s plan kinda works until her sister, Kat, begs her to take a live in nanny job. The job itself turns out to be easy but it’s her boss, Ethan Carter, the nearly divorced hard working and very sexy man, who is completely distracting and may just make her fall again. Ethan wasn't looking for any distractions especially in the form of a nanny, but Tori is everything he should have been looking for to complete his family. The question now is, will this be their time or is everything too complicated for the possibility of love?
    Overall, loved this story and this couple is too sweet and sassy!! Tori is now one of my favorite characters, her heart is just too honest for people to handle. Oh and Ethan *fans self, such a family man, it was almost nerve racking hoping he’d get his HEA, but Lex Martin never lets her readers down. Tori and Ethan were perfection when it came to their chemistry, the banter with them was chill but steamy.  Definitely want something like that in my future love life. Anyways, so if you’re looking for a romance about a dad trying to do it all and woman trying figure it all out, finding each other and realizing that together they could do it all, then this will be worth your time. 

Chapter 3: (ETHAN) 

“Morning, gorgeous,” I whisper, my voice raspy since I’ve only been in the company of horses for the last several hours. “Keeping these boys in line?” The mare whinnies as I brush out her mane. 
      The colts in the stalls on either side of her glare at me. I swear they know I’m busting their balls. Horses are smarter than people give them credit for. 
      I yank back my baseball cap and wipe the sweat away. It’s not even seven in the morning, but the air is already thick and humid. It’ll be a scorcher. 
      On days like today, I try to get to the stables along the back of my property as early as possible, usually around four in the morning, because around ten or eleven, it’ll be too hot to go riding. I’ll have to wait until early evening to attempt it, but that’s Texas in the summer for you. 
      All morning, I think about that conversation with my brother last night and wonder how I’m supposed to find someone who’ll love and nurture my kids half as much as my mom. It feels like an insurmountable task. 
      By the time my nine o’clock lesson shows up, I’m a grumpy fuck. 
      Eyeing the BMW that pulls up the drive, I groan. Mallory Mathers is richer than God and pays an obscene amount of money for me to board and train her filly and give her lessons, but it’s a tradeoff in my sanity for several reasons. One, she’s my wife’s friend and our families go way back. Two, she always hits on me. I can only convey my disinterest so many ways before I lose my patience. Three, I need the business right now, so I can’t be a dick. 
      “How’s my girl doing, Ethan?” she coos when she enters the barn, flicking her red hair over her shoulder. 
      I don’t have to force the smile since we’re talking horses. “Doing awesome. She’s a natural.” Baby Got Back is young, so we’re still taking it easy, but between her pedigree and her own natural athleticism and cow sense, I’d say Mallory has herself a winner. 
      There’s a lot of money to be won in cutting events. Even though I could use some of those winnings now, it’s the competition I’ve always loved. But the thought of getting back in the arena is bittersweet, so I push it out of my mind and focus on the sorrel filly in front of me. 
      It takes a special kind of animal to go toe-to-toe with a six-hundred-pound cow and “cut it” from the herd. A cutting horse has to be agile and lightning-fast to stop, turn, and juke the cow, keeping it away from the herd. Not only will Baby be excellent in the ring, she’d make an incredible work horse if that was what her owner needed. 
      Judging by my client’s designer duds, though, work is not what Mallory has in mind. While she knows her horses, Mallory’s probably better suited for an equestrian ring than cutting, but who am I to judge?
      “You bring a change of clothes? Gonna get those nice threads dirty if you go riding.” 
      A smile tilts her over-painted lips. “These old things?” She laughs, and Baby jerks in her stall, startled. “I don’t mind getting a little dirty when I ride.” Her hand drifts across my shoulder, and I roll my eyes, grateful she can’t see my face. 
      I should probably appreciate that an attractive woman is paying attention to me. Looking down at the mud on my boots and the grime on my hands, all I see is a filthy rancher who trains other people to win. 
      What’s the old adage—those who can’t do, teach? That’s me. 
      But no amount of self-pity will get me interested in someone from Allison’s circle of friends. 
      Mallory scratches Baby’s ear. “Think I can ride her soon?” 
      “Nope.” The woman whines like my five-year-old, and it’s all I can do to not throw her out of my facility. “You wanna teach her some bad habits? Maybe get thrown off ’cause neither of you are ready? Then be my guest. Otherwise you’ll be learning on one of my horses until Baby can handle you.” 
      After a staredown, she huffs, “Your daddy was nicer.” 
      No shit. “Well, he ain’t here, so buck up, buttercup.” 
      The mention of my father darkens my mood. Pops was a champion cutting horse rider and loved by everyone who trained here. He would’ve charmed Mallory into thinking it was her idea to ride one of our other horses. 
      I don’t have time for charm. 
      “Come on. Let’s get this over with.” 
      Mallory rolls her eyes, but gathers her equipment so we can get started. 
      Once her lesson’s done and she’s out of my hair, I hurry to ride one more horse before it gets too hot. By the time I’m finished, my face is burning from the searing heat. Stomping over to the faucet on the side of the barn, I bend over to splash some cold water on my face, but it comes out warm. 
      “Damn it.” I wipe my face again and tell my two ranch hands that I’m headed to the house for a few minutes and they should take their lunch. I wish I could say we’re calling it a day, that I can pick up the rest of my workload this evening when it’s cooler, but that’s not an option if I want to get my kids fed, bathed, and tucked into bed before a potential buyer swings by tonight to look at one of our yearlings. 
      My shoes kick up dirt as I trudge across our expansive yard, but I love this walk. A deep pride wells up in me as I approach my home through the field of dandelions and thistle. I inherited this house from my parents, and I’ve worked my ass off to take care of it. Some day, I hope to give it to my kids so they can have the same leg up in this world that my folks gave me and Logan. 
      My brother also inherited a house on the other side of the property, which we share for the sake of the business. Since Allison left, I’ve wondered if it would be easier to have my mom move back in with me and the kids instead of having her live with Logan, but I’m afraid that would make my dependence on her worse. The woman needs a break, which she won’t get here. 
      Mila comes tearing by me when I open the back door, and Cody toddles after her. “No running in the house.” 
      Mila slows to a halt until Cody plows into her legs, and then she starts power-walking around the corner. My mom lumbers about ten paces behind. 
      “You doing okay, Ma?” 
      She rolls her eyes. “Of course I’m okay, but those little punks are getting faster.” 
      “Don’t you dare run after them.” 
      “Their mischief and mayhem know no bounds, so until you find that babysitter, don’t tell me what to do.” 
      I snicker at her snippy attitude. “I’m on it. I’m on it. Soon, you’ll be sipping mimosas with Aunt Hazel, missing your rugrats.” 
      “Ain’t it the truth.” She pats my cheek like I’m a boy and shuffles off to track down my children. 
      Turning, I make my way to the kitchen, my least favorite part of the house. Everything about this room reminds me of my wife. The track lighting and the professional range oven. The dark marble counters and fancy cookware. All shit she wanted but never used or appreciated. 
      At least now I can bathe in the enormous double sink without her bitching about it. 
      Stripping off my sweat-soaked t-shirt, I duck under the cold faucet in the kitchen, get my head and neck wet, and hope to God the sudden change in temperature doesn’t make me stroke out. 
      This is when Allison would complain I was raised in a barn, which isn’t far from the truth. 
      I’m twisting the faucet when I hear a familiar voice. 
      “E, you back here?” my brother calls out. 
      “Yeah. Kitchen.” 
      Footsteps sound down the hall as I reach out for a dry dishtowel. My eyes are stinging with sweat, so it takes me a few tries to find the right drawer. 
      Finally, I wrap my hands around a towel and bring it to my face just as a throat clears behind me. 
      By the time I dry my face and open my eyes, I come face to face with Logan, who looks like a cat prowling a cage of canaries. Then I see why. 
      He’s not alone. 
      “Thought I’d bring Kat and her sister so you could chat.” 
      He smirks as I take in the two women by his side. 
      “Hey, Kat.” I motion with my head. 
      “Hi, neighbor.” She gives me a sweet smile as she rubs her swollen stomach. Then she nudges the woman next to her. “This is my younger sister Tori.” 
      That’s when I finally get a good look at the sister. Fucking Logan
      My eyes dart back to my brother, who’s grinning so wide, I can count his molars. I glare at him, knowing full well what he’s doing right now. My brother is worse than my mother when it comes to matchmaking. Because if his expression is any indication, this is about more than finding a babysitter. 
      Some men are all about tits. Others like a girl’s ass. Me, I’m a hair man. So it sucked when Allison chopped hers off right after we got married and kept it short. 
      With a resigned sigh, I finally turn my full attention to Tori, whose long, dark mane tumbles over her shoulders like she’s some kind of mermaid. Dressed in a white tank top, cutoffs, and some weathered shitkickers, she looks ready to star in a dirty cowboy fantasy. Long legs. Curves for miles. So much bare skin. I barely hold in a groan. 
      Big, luminous hazel eyes blink back at me as she unabashedly studies my face, my chest, my tats… I look down, realizing I’m standing here only sporting jeans and dripping water and barn funk all over the kitchen floor. 
      I clear my throat. “Ladies, excuse me. Was out with the horses this morning. Had I known you were coming by…” 
      My brother laughs. “The horses are the only ones around here who can tolerate Ethan, since hospitality isn’t his strong suit, but he can make a damn fine barbecue.” 
      Kat frowns and turns to Logan. “I thought you said you scheduled this with him.” 
      Yeah, right. I would’ve told him to do this another day. 
      Logan runs his hands through his hair. “I mentioned you might be stopping by. He must’ve forgotten.” 
      “Don’t be an ass. You know you didn’t tell me,” I grumble, more and more pissed by the minute to be blindsided. Turning to the women, I sigh. “I’m gonna go change. Give me five minutes, and ignore everything that comes outta his mouth. Seriously, Logan, I have other shit I need to do right now.” A potential buyer from Dallas is stopping by tonight, and my to-do list is obscene. This isn’t the day I want to interview Ariel the Mermaid. And yes, I know every damn Disney character. “Next time warn a guy.” 
      Kat’s daughter Izzy peeks out from behind her mom’s flowing dress and waves. “Hi, Mr. Ethan.” 
      Shit. I shouldn’t be cursing in front of her. “Hey, little darlin’. Didn’t see you there.” She’s a couple of years older than my daughter. 
      Izzy giggles and waves some more, and I twiddle my fingers at her like a lame ass. 
      Kat tries to hide her smile, but Tori doesn’t look amused. In fact, she looks as pissed off as I feel. Hopefully this interview will go fast. Because clearly this isn’t gonna work out. And in my experience, there’s never a good reason to jam a square peg in a round hole.

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Author Bio

Lex writes contemporary romance, the sexy kind with lotsa angst, a whole lotta kissing, and the hot happily ever afters. When she's not writing, she lives a parallel life as an English teacher. She loves printing black and white photos, listening to music on vinyl, and getting lost in a great book. Bitten by wanderlust, she's lived all over the country but currently resides in Los Angeles with her husband and twin daughters.

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NEW BOOK OUT!!- "Bound by Vengeance" by Brenda K. Davies

by Brenda K. Davies
Penned Series: Vampire Awakenings Series, The Road to Hell Series, Hell On Earth Series and A Stolen Heart.

Book 2, in The Alliance Series
"Bound by Vengeance"
Genre: Romantic Suspense, Vampires, Paranormal. 364 pages.
RELEASE DAY Price: $2.99 ebook (at time of post)
Book Link: Click Here
After her ex-boyfriend’s betrayal, revenge propels Vicky to find and destroy the man who sold her into captivity. The minute she gets the chance to search for Duke alone, she seizes the opportunity. When her hunt causes her to cross paths with Nathan, she finds herself secretly aligning with the one man she’s vowed to avoid.

Determined to hunt down the Savage who murdered his father, Nathan has told no one about his private search for Joseph. The night he runs into Vicky and learns she’s on her own quest, he reluctantly agrees to join forces with her to achieve his goal.

Bound by their driving need for vengeance, they soon find themselves unable to deny the attraction growing between them. As leader of the hunters, Nathan knows they would never accept his relationship with a vampire, but will he be able to let Vicky go, or will their growing love destroy them both? 

 ***The Alliance Series is a spin-off of the Vampire Awakenings series. You do not have to read the Vampire Awakenings Series in order to follow the Alliance Series, but it is recommended.***
Also Available ....
"Eternally Bound" (Book #1)- Click Here
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❤️ Happy VALENTINE'S Day!❤️

Today is Valentine's Day and that means $ALES and FREEBIES!! A few great books are on sale and free; So grab a book in a series or a single novel and fall in love this Valentine's Day.


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Always a favorite of mine and a free book, plus a classic Romance:

"Pride and Prejudice"
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$ALE Alert!! - Jord Ford Novels

First novel in each of Jordan Ford's series are on $ALE!! Grab them asap and get hooked on these great YA sport romances.

"The Playmaker"
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COVER REVEAL!!- "Save Me" (Corrupted Hearts, Book 4) by Tiffany Snow


Release Date: 
April 17, 2018

Genre: Romantic Suspense. 268 pages
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In this fast-paced romantic suspense, China Mack will make one final choice. 

Computer genius China Mack may be the former head of Vigilance, the government’s clandestine spy program, but she can still be knocked off balance. And two back-to-back personal blows have thrown her into a tailspin. 

 While her relationship with tech billionaire Jackson Cooper is on the rocks, China is testing the boundaries of what she feels for man-of-mystery Clark Slattery. But when China learns that her mother’s death sixteen years ago wasn’t an accident, she can’t rest until she knows the truth. And China’s own father, an elusive ex–CIA agent, might have been the killer. To avenge her mother’s death, she needs help, and both Jackson and Clark step up to the plate. But when her investigation is linked to a decades-old international plot to hack the New York Stock Exchange, putting both of the men she loves in danger, China must make an impossible decision to keep them safe.

As the three of them are plunged into a far-reaching conspiracy, China’s notions of love and trust are turned upside down. For China, this final case couldn’t be more personal—or more dangerous.
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Hey, It's A Release Blitz for "The Prince's Playbook" by Pamela DuMond

Book 1, in The The Crown Affair Series
"The Prince's Playbook"
Genre: New Adult, Romantic Comedy. 268 pages.
Price: $3.99 ebook (at time of post)
black - amazon Black - itunes barnes and noble Black -Kobo

I, Maximillian Cristoph RochartΓ¨, was Prince of BellΓ¨no. I couldn’t fall in love with American commoner. Or could I?
I stumbled across Vivian in a biker bar when she had the stones to pour a pitcher of margaritas on a guy who was harassing another waitress. She had legs from here to eternity, the devil’s own sense of humor, and the face of an angel. She was everything I ever wanted.  

But none of that mattered.

The House of BellΓ¨no’s crown jewels were being squeezed. The monarchy had borrowed millions and the loans were coming due. I tried re-negotiating the deals but hit a wall. I’d sell my soul to save my family when an even better idea hit me.

I tracked down a billionaire nobleman who was thrilled to fork over a fortune to marry his daughter, Lady Cici, to a prince. But Lord Angus Fontaine wouldn’t settle for me—I was the spare to the throne. He wanted my brother Leopold, the crown prince—the heir.

Then inspiration struck again. Darling Vivian was a dead ringer for Cici, and she could impersonate her for a few weeks until the real Cici returned to Bellèno to marry my brother. It was messy. It was complicated. I loved it.

I was screwed.  

Because now weeks had passed, Cici hadn’t show up, and I was falling in love with Vivian. Unfortunately, my brother was too…
My Rating:  πŸ“”πŸ“”πŸ“”πŸ“” πŸ“–
My Thoughts: Pleeeease Let Me Apply For This Job!
       If you read the Part-Time Princess novel, you'll definitely enjoy this sexier version. The story is most certainly ramped up with the assistance of dual perspective, thanks to the introduction of the very dirty mind of a very hot ginger prince.
     Overall, I have to admit not much changed from the original novel. However, by introducing Max as a more prominent character in being the mastermind behind the Crown Affair, a reader can really fall for the prince. The banter and chemistry between Max and Vivian is almost palpable, both have a lot at stake but it's the ending that is still sooo cute. Oh and the Ladies-in-waiting are still just as hilarious as ever! Can't wait for the next novel to see what will happen next for this crazy in love couple.
Chapter 3: (Maximillian) 
         I, paused for a few moments to check Vivian out. She was the right age, feisty as hell, and could clearly think on her feet. She had that girl-next-door kind of look, the girl that you’d known forever but one day blossomed and poof, like magic, became sexy as sin. A myriad of unknown factors could screw my scheme to high heaven but I couldn’t help but wonder if my crazy plan could play out. 
         Unfortunately, the beautiful girl who might have been the answer to my prayers was also walking away from me at an alarming clip. She threw her hands up in the air, either speaking with ear buds into a phone or talking to herself. “I’ll have you arrested for assault,’” she said in a falsetto. “Fucking wienie with short fat fingers. We all know what that translates to.” 
         Yes. Definitely talking to herself. 
         “Who needs this shitty, fucking job? Crappy hours. Minimum wage plus tips. Stupid short skirt that makes me look like I’m giving away pussy shots for free. Ugh.” 
         I snorted but clapped a hand over my mouth and followed after her. 
         “And I am done with these cheap, blister-producing boots.” She stopped in the middle of the street, propped one hand against a parked car, balanced on one foot, and unzipped a boot. 
         I was mesmerized as that zipper slid down her upper thigh, past her knee, over her calf and all the way to her ankle. She latched onto the heel, wriggled her hips, and wrangled the thing off. My cock started throbbing. I turned my head to see if indeed there was a free pussy shot, but sadly there was not. I was spying on her like some kind of weirdo voyeur. What kind of prince was I? 
         A prince who needed to get his act together or the golden opportunity that had presented itself would slip away. I walked toward her. 
         “Hey lady. Maybe you shouldn’t be undressing in public. But if you insist, allow me to help—” 
          She blinked under the glare of a street lamp. “Pervert! Stay away from me!” 
          “Not a pervert. The guy from Mugshot’s Bar. The one who—” 
          “Asshole!” She threw her boot at my head. 
          The boot bounced off my face. I stumbled backwards and caught myself on a parked car. “Ow.” 
          “Wait. You’re not that asshole,” she said. “Sorry! Then again, maybe you should think twice about approaching a single woman late at night on a deserted street and scaring the crap out of her. I’m in no mood. Leave. Me. Alone.” 
           She turned and hobbled away, which wasn’t easy considering she had one bare foot and was still wearing the boot on the other. 
           I could feel my eye socket swelling but I couldn’t help but laugh. I picked up the boot. “Hold on, Cinderella. You forgot your glass slipper.” 
           She turned and stared at me. “It’s pleather. Burn it. Oh crap, did I hit you in the eye?” 
           “Yes, Rocky. I’ve endured worse. It sounds like you’re out of a job. Will you be looking for a new one?” 
           “Will politicians always lie?” 
           I fumbled in my pocket for a card and extended it toward her. “I might have something of interest for you.” 
           She walked a few feet toward me, took it, and held it up to the light. “Your name’s not on here. Who has a business card that doesn’t have their name on it?” 
           “My name’s Maximillian—” 
           “Nice to meet you Max.” She slipped the card down her cleavage and unzipped her other boot. “You have an accent. Where are you from?” 
           She kicked off the other boot. My gaze was torn between her gorgeous tits, her curvy hips, and her long, toned legs. 
           “Aha. The word on the card. I’ve heard of that place. It’s a skiing town in the Alps, right?” 
           “Something like that.” 
           She stood up straight, barefoot on the asphalt on a warm summer night. She was around five feet six inches tall. The right height. 
           “Tell me in one sentence what the job entails.” 
           “Tough to describe in one sentence.” 
           “So, it’s illegal,” she said, arching one eyebrow. 
           “Not really.” 
           “‘Not really’ means quite possibly.” 
           She looked even more wholesome without the boots, a far cry from the majority of women I met. 
           “You’re smart. And you’re impossibly gorgeous.” 
           “You’re hot,” she said. “But I’m not looking for that right now. Apologies about the eye. I wasn’t aiming for it. I’ve gotta go.” 
           “Change your mind, Vivian, give that number a ring. Mention ‘The Crown Affair.’” 
           “That doesn’t make your offer sound more legitimate, you know. Go home and put some ice on that eye.” 
           “I’m staying at a hotel.” 
           “I bet they have ice, too.” 
           “I’m in town for a few more days. Trust me, this is a great opportunity.” 
           “Thanks, Max.” She waved at me as she rounded a corner and then disappeared from my sight. “That’s what they all say.” 
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USA Today Bestselling author Pamela DuMond discovered Erin Brockovich’s true life story, thought it would make a great movie, and pitched it to ‘Hollywood.’

She loves writing Romantic Comedy, Royal Romance, Historical Fantasy, and Cozy Mysteries.
Pamela’s also a chiropractor specializing in working with children as well as people living with chronic pain. She lives in So Cal with her impossibly photogenic black cat. Pam loves reading, working out, and lives for a good giggle. Stalk her on the usual sites, sign up for her infrequent newsletters, and follow her on Bookbub.

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