Monday, July 31, 2017

The Little-Big Reason I've Been MIA

On the 27th of June I adopted 5 year old corgi-terrier mix whom I named Jack. This cutie is the most low-high maintenance dog. Jack was a rescue from a local shelter and had no known history since he was found roaming the city streets. However, it quickly became apparent that Jack had endure abuse before finding a home with me and my family.

My precious boy is my every present shadow, Jack sticks to me like glue relying on for love and protection. So it hurts my heart to know that he's still uncomfortable around the house, and my family, when I'm not there, because of his past. My brother calls him broken, but I call him special. 

Now I will admit Jack is Mr. Lazy bones all day long when I'm at work he waits in our room for me. So at night he just loves to wake his mommy up to cuddle and be held every other hour or so. Mean less to say I haven't had a full 8 hours of sleep in weeks and I've definitely had to work with him on a emotional level. But by far my favorite part of his personality is how he loves to greet me when I come home. Though it's hard when he tries to leave with me every time I have to go out. 

Then there's the issue with how he plays into why I've been MIA online. Jack gets SUPER jealous of my attention being anywhere but on him. When I'm home to Jack, it means just him and me time. So if my phone is out he will literally get up from me and curl up in a corner away from me just to have me call him back. Or if I'm on my kindle he'll go under my bed as if I was rejecting him. My Jack has made it clear my priorities have changed and reading is now second in my life. In the coming weeks I'm going to try and blog at least once a week, but honestly it all depends on Jack and his moods. Once my boy settles in and feels at home I'm sure life will find a new normal, but for now Jack will be my first thought and reading second.

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