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Hey, It's A Blog Tour for "Never Stop Falling" by Ashley Drew

by Ashley Drew

"Never Stop Falling"
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary, Romance. 288 pages.
Price: $3.99 ebook (at time of post)
Book Link: Click Here
She didn’t expect to fall for her best friend.
He was always waiting to catch her.

Corinne Bennett lives in the moment. Whether she’s skydiving out of an airplane, or setting off on the road to anywhere, she’s ready to dive into the next adventure. That is, if best friend and always-by-the-book Nicholas Kelley doesn’t put his foot down on her wild stunts first.

When Corinne gives in to her growing feelings for Nicholas the summer before their freshman year of college, she takes the ultimate risk, making this one adventure he has longed to explore with her.

But the moment they take that irrevocable leap, a shocking revelation blindsides Corinne, exposing her vulnerabilities, baring her fears, and shattering her beliefs about love. With their future—and most importantly, their friendship—now clouded in doubt, she must decide if love is really worth the risk.

Because when it comes to love, you never stop falling.
My Rating:  📔📔📔📔📔 
My Thoughts: Afraid Of Nothing Except Losing Her Love.
         Amazing and sooo emotional, but beautifully written new adult novel that left me breathless. I quickly fell in love with the characters in this book and their struggles of taking that step in love. The story focuses on what love is and what it is too love someone as well as many family issues that make the story relatable on many levels. 
         For eighteen years Corinne Bennett and Nicholas Kelley have been best friends. But beneath their amazing friendship is something they have both been denying, a chemistry neither can resist. After one night of finally allowing the chemistry to come out between them, Corinne's life drastically changes making her flee the pain and Nick. Six years later after losing touch, Corinne returns to town and is immediately drawn back to Nick. Problem is both Corinne and Nick are in serious relationships, but when it comes to their special connection it's clear no one else can complete them. So when Nick offers Corinne his heart, the question is will she being willing to take the leap to love despite all the risks involved? 
         Overall, great new adult read. I loved the characters and relationship development. The story goes from present to past leading back to present while being told in dual narrative between the two main characters. My favorite character was definitely Corinne, she was sarcastic, vivacious and basically someone I'd love to hang with. She's the daredevil YOLO kind of girl, but with her heart, it's like Fort Knox. Reading about how Nick squeezed into her guarded heart and made Corinne a better person was so sweet. But the ending oh the ending!! It was so unexpected and yet beautiful as a reader I was pulled up and down with my emotions thinking the whole time "I better get my HEA or imma be extremely crushed!" (And probably pissed) The only way this book could have been better is for there to have been more mentions of Corinne and Nicks younger years shenanigans, because I'm sure they would have been epic and worth reading. So if you are looking for a story about a girl not afraid of anything except giving her whole heart away to a boy she knew since childhood who lets her know he is absolutely in love with her, than this book will be worth a read.
Ashley Drew
Author Links: Amazon PageFacebookWebsiteTwitterGoodreads.

A San Francisco Bay Area native, Ashley Drew currently lives in Los Angeles. When she’s not going cross-eyed after writing for five hours straight, or burying her nose in a book, you’ll find her sprawled on her couch watching General Hospital, having alien conspiracy discussions with her husband over a bottle of bubbly, and dancing to Taylor Swift’s 1989 album with her daughter.

Hey, COVER REVEAL!!- "HOSTILE" (The After Light Saga, Book 4) by Cameo Renae

Release Date: 
Genre: Young Adult, Dystopian, Post-Apocalyptic.
Price: N/A (at time of post)
Goodreads Link: Click Here
Wanted. It’s something I’ve had to get used to since being placed on the government’s Most Wanted list. On the run, with my family and Finn by my side, we now have to evade not only the Arvies, but teams of soldiers sent to find and capture me.

 Little do they know, I’m battling my own demons. After the receiving large doses of mind-enhancing serum, a monster has been unleashed inside my mind. It promises death and destruction; its power, greater than anything I could imagine. Now, I’m too dangerous, and the lives of my loved ones depend on my separation from the group. I must leave and face the hostile world alone. 

 My name is Abigail Park. I will do whatever it takes to save the ones I love.
Now Available ....

**Check out the Tour Post: Link Here**
ARV-3 (Book #1)- Click Here
Price$1.99 (at time of post)
Sanctum (Book #2)- Click Here
Price$2.99 (at time of post)
Intransigent (Book #3)- Click Here
Price$3.99 (at time of post)
Cameo Renae
Author Links: Amazon PageFacebookBlogWebsiteTwitter.

Voted 2013 Break Out Author by Young Adult & Teen Readers, and 2013 Book of the Year (Hidden Wings). 

 Cameo Renae was born in San Francisco, raised in Maui, Hawaii, and recently moved with her husband and children to Alaska. 

 She's a daydreamer and a caffeine and peppermint addict who loves to laugh, loves to read, and loves to escape reality. One of her greatest joys is creating fantasy worlds filled with adventure and romance and sharing it with others.  One day she hopes to find her own magic wardrobe and ride away on her magical unicorn. Until then...she'll keep writing! 


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Hey, FREEBIE Alert!! - "French Kiss for Hire: Episode 1" by Various Authors

French Kiss for Hire
by Various Authors
Price dropped as of March 28, 2016
from $0.99 to FREE (that's a 100% Price Drop)
Book Tour Post: Link Here

"Wed's Wonderings & Wanderings": Easter Egg Hunt!

This past Sunday was Easter and with Easter comes the ever exciting tradition of the egg hunt. I know we are not the only family in the country or world for that matter who indulges in this tradition, but I think we may be the oldest group to hunt for eggs. My cousins and I are all adults, the "baby" in our family is my brother and he just turned 18 this past August.

My grandparents love to bless us grandkids with money BUT they do love to make us work for it. So my grandma takes a lot of care and time in hiding the eggs and somehow each year we manage to miss one or find an egg from the year before. You'd think it'd be easy to find the eggs since it's the same front yard and backyard year after year, but no. My grandma is seriously great at hiding those eggs, she should work for the witness protection service, because she is super creative when it's comes to them it's kinda scary and funny. 
My grandma will even place the eggs amongst her various plants making us bend and reach like there is no tomorrow. All the while making us cousins think how the heck did our 4ft nothing grandma get an egg all the way back here?! My favorite spot where I found an egg this year was along the side of the house in a holes quare thing that was attached to the house. I had to stick my hand in there and pray to God no spiders were inside. I mean sure I could have left it or called for help, but if I did that my cousin or brother would have gotten it and I did want the egg so I blew at it and grabbed it.

See that's how competitive we make this "child's" activity in my family. It's every family member for themselves and yes a bit of violence ensues, JK  . . kinda. My cousin once hip checked me for an egg though she'll deny it. Even my parents get in on the egg hunt. The goal is to get as many eggs as possible but there is also the grand egg with the big cash in it. Sadly my cousin got it again this year but I finally got it last year which was a first.

Okay so now that you know how crazy my family's egg hunt is you can understand why I love it. Yeah it's crazy but it's the memories and jokes we throw at each other year round about the pending egg hunt that makes it something to look forward to even if we are all adults. I mean really who doesn't love competition, a little bit of money and family time? Because that's what our family's Easter egg hunt boils down to and I wouldn't change a single thing.

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Hey, NEW BOOK OUT!!- "The Best I Could" by R.K. Ryals

Author's LinksAmazon PageFacebookTwitterWebsite, Smashwords Profile Page.
Penned Series: The Scribes of Medisia Series, Redemption Series, The Thorne Trilogy, Acropolis Series, The Legend Series, 
and . . for single novels: In the Land of Tea and Ravens, The Story of Awkward.

"The Best I Could Do"
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance. 358 pages.
Price: $2.99 ebook (at time of post)
Book Link: Click Here

I met Eli Lockston on the roof of a hospital the day my father died. He was smoking a cigarette, and I was lost. It was an abysmal beginning. 

 It was the start of something huge. 

 When I first started The Best I Could, all I had was a roof scene. 

 What the Best I Could became shocked me. My characters always do. They never take me where I expect them to. But in the end, they always manage to leave me in a better place than I was before. I think because I'm as involved in their lives, sometimes personally, as I am in mine. 

 I am braver with my words on paper than I am when I speak, and it took a lot of courage for me to write this book. It is filled with personal demons, the kind that change us and not always for the better. So for those who brave this journey with me, thank you. 

 I hope to always let "fear be the push and not the hindrance". 
 -R.K. Ryals

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Hey, NEW BOOK OUT!!- "#REV" by Cambria Hebert

by Cambria Hebert
Author Links: WebsiteFacebookTwitterGoodreads.
Penned Series: The Death Escorts Series, The Take It Off Series, The Heaven and Hell Series, Gearshark Series.
 AND single novels such as: Distant Desires and Blank.

Issue 2, in the GearShark Series
Genre: M/M, Sports Romance. 332 pages.
Price: $3.99 ebook (at time of post)
Book Link: Click Here
Trent Mask puts the REV in revolution. 
A line has been drawn. 
Indie vs Pro 
Here at GearShark, we’re straddling that line to bring you exclusive coverage of what some have dubbed the war of racing.
Every war starts with a spark and ends in revolution.
Drew Forrester was the spark,
but his second-in-command is the REVolution. 
What does it take to stand brave in the face of opposition? 
Resolve of steel… 
Stubborn will… 
And a heart that refuses to give up. 
It isn’t just the drivers in this war.
The revolution is about more than just racing.
It’s about shattering labels and taking risks. 
So we asked Trent Mask: Truth or Dare? 
His answer? 
Check out the full feature article inside…
Now Available ....
#Junkie (Book #1)- Click Here
Price$3.99 (at time of post)

Hey, It's A Book Tour for "Flying Away" by Caroline A. Gill

by Caroline A. Gill

Book 1, in The Flykeeper Chronicles
"Flying Away"
Genre: Young Adult, Dystopia, Paranormal. 204 pages.
Price: $2.99 ebook (at time of post)
Book Link: Click Here


When Iolani Bearse was five years old, she lost her father to war. When she was nine, her mother died in a freak car accident. When Lani was fourteen, eerie green lights invaded, tearing her from the only home she had left.

Living as a runaway, dragging a horse and her cousin Eleanor across the countryside, Lani must learn to survive. Now Lani is the only person between the horrible, greedy lights and the last bit of family she has left. Her own heart is barely beating, but powerful memories pull her to Malcolm St. John. She fights what she feels, buried deep within her shattered soul.

Malcolm St. John always held his feelings in, especially about Iolani. So when she shows up on his doorstep, desperate and determined, Mal must decide if the wild tales she spins are the fragments of insanity or the last hope for a dying nation. This Lani is different from the child he knew. Something is coming for her, for him, and will not be stopped.

If the cousins and Malcolm can’t escape the grasping hunters who hound them, the future of a broken America will be destroyed. Everything Lani has ever loved will burn with them. Somehow, she must find a path through friendship and loyalty to save them all.
My Rating:  📔📔  📖
My Thoughts: Queen Of The Flies
       Honestly I wasn't sure what I was reading for about a third of the book and had to stop and read the book description to see if it was the right novel. I'm still unsure about the book due to it's strange plot format and storyline. However, there were a few things that kept me interested, but the whole story was overwhelming for a first novel.
         Awakening after an incident with her cousin Eleanor at the lake one night, Iolani 'Lani' Bearse, special connection with flies becomes more as they gifted her with their sight. Lani finds she can talk and see as they do. So when these strange people with lanterns appear to suck the life out of people Lani uses her powers of the flies to get herself and Eleanor to safety. The trouble is the only place Lani can think of as safe since her parents deaths and now grandparents murders is her old home town in Arizona where her old friend Malcolm 'Mal' St. John lives. Lani is sure Mal will believe her tales of the "Stealer" and their victims the "Dreamer". The more Lani travels the more she learns about herself, her family and the corruption of the world she lives in.
          Overall, it was okay. I felt lost for the first part of the book because I wasn't sure what I was even reading. Lani is lost and your lost so it's all a bit confusing. However, once Lani goes on the road with Eleanor and Mango(her horse) the story picks up. Basically the story is Lani figuring out herself and a government conspiracy. Once that becomes clear as being the main point the story makes more sense. Lani as a heroine is great very self sacrificing and all about family first, love that she was strong for her family even when the situation was unclear and dire. Now I was disappointed that we were never told how or when Lani got fly powers, it was hinted at but really something like that would be quite noticeable. Plus I just have too many questions about the flies and time/space travel abilities for me to really believe it, for now at least. My only other issue was the multiple subplots mixed into this opening book for the series. Just one angle would have sufficed and flushing it out would have been easier to understand, rather than having more subjects to cover and barely addressing them in one novel, even if the topics will be continued into the next books. So if you are looking for story about a girl who talks to flies and travels via horse and horsefly taking down bad guys who reap life with green lanterns, you may like to try this book.
 Tour-wide giveaway $20 Amazon Gift Card (INTL) 
Signed copy of Flying Away + signed 8x12 poster of the cover (US only) Ends April 7th:
a Rafflecopter giveaway
Caroline Gil
Author Links: FacebookWebsiteGoodreads.

Unusual stories attract me, ones in which the reader cannot easily see the ending or most of the journey. Visiting Rome during university studies, I found a simple truth sitting on buses, traveling all over the ancient city: the joy is in the Journey, in the people I meet, not in the destination. So, I write for you. I write for sanity. I write for chocolate and really good pizza.

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"Spotlight Saturday": Author Amber Garza

Author's Links: Amazon Author PageFacebookTwitterBlog.

Author Bio:
Amber Garza is the author of many contemporary romance titles. She has had a passion for the written word since she was a child making books out of notebook paper and staples. 

Her hobbies include reading and singing. Coffee and wine are her drinks of choice (not necessarily in that order). She writes while blaring music, and talks about her characters like they're real people. 

She currently lives in California with her amazing husband, and two hilarious children who provide her with enough material to keep her writing for years.
Prowl Trilogy: 
Shiver (Prequel)
Prowl (Book 1)
Entice (Book 2)
Unveil (Book 3)

Unexpected Love Series: 
Tripping Me Up (Book 1)
Winning Me Over (Book 2)
Finding Me Again  (Book 3)

Delaney's Gift Series: 
Glimmer (Prequel)
Dazzle (Book 1)
Shatter (Book 2)
Betray (Book 3)

Star Struck Series
Star Struck (Book 1) 
Love Struck (Book 2)

Falling to Pieces 
Break Free
Break Through 
Head Above Water
The Summer We Fell
Cuts Run Deep
Mark My Words

Playing For Keeps Series: 
For The Win (Book 1)
For The Game (Book 2)
For The Rush (Book 3)
For The Save (Book 4)

Make The Play Series
Play Safe (Book 1)
Play Hard (Book 2)
Play Nice (Book 3)
As you can tell by Amber's long list of books she is an author to keep an eye on. Each of her novels are highly emotional and the characters she creates are very relatable with inspiring plots. Amber writes from one genre to the next with out breaking her writing stride.     

Now Amber was kind enough to answer a few interview questions below pertaining to herself, her books, and her writing process.  Enjoy her responses! (I know I did)
Did you always want to be a writer or was it something of a past-time that turned into more?
         Yes, I always wanted to be a writer. It’s been my dream since I was a little girl.

Is there one book that inspired you the most as a writer? 
         Not one book. Many books. Too many to name. 

Where do you like to work on your novels? i.e. an office, in a coffee shop, etc. 
         In my home office.

Do you ever just have moments of inspiration for your books and go into full creative writing mode? If so, which of your book(s), have been the product of one such moments?
         That’s how most of my books are. An example of this is with Head Above Water. I was at the pool with my kids and I saw a teenage couple in the water. The boy was teaching the girl to swim, and it made me wonder about them. What was their story? Why was she a teenager and still didn’t know how to swim? So I went home and started writing Head Above Water, a romance between a lifeguard and a woman who doesn’t know how to swim.

What is your regular process for writing a book? Do you begin with an outline or just start writing what is in your mind for the story and see where it goes. 
         I start with an idea and simply start writing. Sometimes I never outline at all. Other times I might do a little outlining as the story progresses. 

Which do you find is your favorite genre to write in: Young Adult, Psychological Thriller, or Sports Romance? 
         My favorite genre to write in is suspense or thrillers, but my most popular genre with readers is romance.

Do you find it easier to write single novels or a series? 
         I prefer standalones. 

Out of all the characters you’ve created: 
 Who do you find is the most complex? 
         That’s a hard question. A lot of my characters are complex, but I think maybe my most complex character was Aspen in BREAK THROUGH. Because she had gone through so much and repressed so many memories I feel like I had to know the person she portrayed to the world as well the person locked deep inside of herself.

Who is your favorite female? 
         Yikes. I don’t know. I love so many of them. Paige from WINNING ME OVER was really fun to write. I like how spunky she is. I also really enjoyed writing Taylor from PLAY HARD. I guess I like my rough around the edges girl characters.

Who is your favorite male character?         
         Kyler from BREAK FREE, hands down. He remains my favorite. Second only to Colt from WINNING ME OVER. Those boys stole my heart.

~ And lastly who would you pick is your favorite couple thus far? (if the couple one is too hard I'd get it, cause I love a lot of your couples too) 
         Jade and Kyler from BREAK FREE. 

Now tough questions . . .
   Which series out of all your series, is your favorite? (Or are they all too near and dear to your heart to pick just one.) 
         My favorite series is probably the Playing for Keeps series. It was my first sports romance series and I loved writing it.

Out of all the books you've written, which would you say is your favorite? 
         BREAK FREE 

•Now For Some Random Fun Questions: 
What was your favorite subject in school? 
           English and choir
What would you say is your favorite color? 
Which do you prefer gum or mints? 
What is your favorite movie? 
           The Wizard of Oz
What is your favorite song (ever or at the moment)? 
           I don’t have a favorite song ever. 
           My favorite bands to listen to while writing are The Civil Wars and The Neighbourhood. 
           My favorite worship band is Jesus Culture.
           Right now my favorite song is probably The Beach by the Neighbourhood (secular) and Set Me Ablaze by Bryan and Katie Torwalt (Christian).
What is your favorite food? (meal or dessert) 
           Wow, this is a hard one. I’m a food person. But you can’t go wrong with cheese enchiladas.
That's concludes the Q&A but remember to keep an eye out for Amber's pending release of "Play Nice", Book 3 in Make the Play Series.
Set to be released April 29 - Click Here

eBook B.O.L.O.- #Rev (GearShark, Issue #2) by Cambria Hebert

Be On The Look Out!
Don't forget about this pending release!

Release dateApril 1, 2016
GenreM/M Romance, Sports.
Price:  N/A (at time of post)
Goodreads Link: Click Here

**Check out the book announcement: Click Here**

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Hey, NEW BOOK OUT!!- Maneater (1982) by Cambria Hebert

by Cambria Hebert
Author Links: WebsiteFacebookTwitterGoodreads.
Penned Series: The Death Escorts Series, The Take It Off Series, The Heaven and Hell Series, Gearshark Series.
 AND single novels such as: Distant Desires and Blank.

Book 3, in the Love in the 80's: A New Adult Mix Series
"Maneater: 1982"
Genre: New Adult, Romance, Short Stories. 147 pages.
Price: $2.99 ebook (at time of post)
Book Link: Click Here
Watch out, girls. Here she comes. 

There’s always that girl. She’s popular, beautiful, and has everything together. The one with the perfectly teased hair, arms full of colorful (but coordinated) bangles, and expertly painted bright-pink lips. 

A teacher’s pet. Daddy’s girl. 

Everyone loves her. 

Because everyone is afraid to challenge her. 

Kelly Ross is that girl. She uses her powers of popularity
 for good. . .her own good. 

She doesn’t care who she hurts.

 She always gets what she wants.

 Including your man. 

When she walks down the hallway in her hot-pink heels and ruffled denim miniskirt, all the boys’ heads turn. And all the girls start whispering. 


There hasn’t been a single guy Kelly hasn’t been able to chew up and spit out. 

Until now. 

Kelly has finally met her match. He’s been there all along, and he’s the exact opposite of everything you’d expect.
Now Available ....
1980: You Shook Me All Night Long
 (Book #1)- Click Here
Price$0.99 (at time of post)

1981: Jessie's Girl 
(Book #2)- Click Here
Price$0.99 (at time of post)