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Hey, I Joined Facebook!

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I will still be primarily blogging since FB doesn't allow me to post as much info or graphics in such vibrant colors, fonts or formats. However, I figured it best to give FB a shot to allow everyone a quick access to reviews and price drops. Oh and giveaways, those are always going on somewhere on someones FB page and I'd hate for anyone to miss out. So if you want to like my FB page click on the link above and we'll see how it goes together.  

Thursday, July 30, 2015

"Romance Thursday": The One You Love (Emma Holden Suspense Mystery Trilogy, Book 1) by Paul Pilkington

Genre: Mystery, Romance, Suspense, and Thriller. 324 pages
Price: $0 FREE (at time of post)
Publisher & Date: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
Book Link: Click Here
Listed Rating: πŸ“”πŸ“”πŸ“” . 8
Price I Paid: $0 (got it FREE on May 23, 2012)
My Rating: πŸ“”πŸ“”πŸ“”

My Thoughts: Characters Were All Depressed, Held Secrets And Supposedly Did Everything Out Of "Love."

      For being a suspenseful mystery I felt like the suspense was overly drawn out, but the story didn't lack for many twists and turns throughout the long plot. As for the mystery, I found it to be centered on this big secret that was scarcely revealed throughout the story and was built up to the point that I was frustrated wanting everyone to just spill the freakin beans already!! Everyone seemed to be running around lost but had info they withheld from each other which could have solved it all a hundred pages in. Oh and they all seemed to claim being depressed at one point due to the "huge" secret they were connected with, which two thirds into the story started irritating me more than pulling me into their plight for answers. 
      On the night of her hen party to celebrate her last week of being a bachelorette Emma Holden's world is upended. Her fiancΓ©, Dan, appears to have vanished, after his brother is found battered and bloodied in Emma and Dan's London apartment. The police believe Dan is behind his brothers attack and the evidence continues to point them in his direction of guilt. Emma isn't convinced and wants to pursue other leads on her own with the help of her best friend Lizzy and brother Will. However, Will becomes distant and then Emma's past comes around as is it becomes apparent someone is stalking her, and may be watching her every move. All Emma wants is Dan back, but when Dan starts leaving messages and letters saying the wedding is off and hinting that those closet to her are withholding secrets from her, Emma isn't sure what or who to believe. 
     Overall, I will give this book credit saying it does have twists and turns. But seriously the ending alone was a huge cliff-hanger of an ending that was actually quite rude. It really felt as if the author just cut the scene off to push you to buy the next book. The saving grace of the book was the relationship between Emma and Lizzy, their friendly banter kept the book lively while Emma sleuthed around. The conclusion to the mystery was quite good, but it had been so drawn out to me with the whole secret between Will and Edward (Will and Emma's Dad) that the reveal wasn't as satisfying as I had hoped. In fact it was more a relief knowing it was over for poor Emma, than a justice was served feeling like mysteries usually leave me feeling. So if you want to read a suspense mystery with some crazy mentally unstable characters and a family who needs to communicate a whole LOT better for everyone's safety and sanity, then this book might be for you. Hey, it was free! 

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Hey, COMING SOON!!- Enraptured (Book 4 in The Vampire Awakenings Series) by Brenda K. Davies

by Brenda K. Davies
Author Links: Website, TwitterFacebookAmazon Page.
Penned Series: Vampire Awakenings Series and A Stolen Heart.
AND as her alter ego Young Adult pen name,
 Erica StevensCaptive Series, The Survivor Chronicles, The Ravening Series, The Kindred Series, and Fire & Ice Series.

Release Date: October 31, 2015

**Due to mature content and language this book is recommended for readers 18+** 

With only one month left in college, Ian is busy enjoying what time he has left with his friends. Since reaching maturity, his life hasn’t been as carefree as it used to be, but he’s found a way to fight his growing destructive urges by losing himself in women. That is until Paige enters his life and falls half dead into his arms. Looking only to keep her safe, Ian flees with her. 

Paige has spent the past four years of her life training to fight and kill vampires. Her desire for revenge is the only thing that’s kept her going, so when she’s forced into hiding with Ian she’s determined to believe he’s nothing but another monster in need of beheading. The more time they spend together, the more she begins to question what she’s always believed about vampires. Unfortunately, if she lets him in, she’ll have to admit that what she’s fought so hard for may be nothing but a lie. 

Ian is determined to make her see him for what he truly he is, and not what she believes him to be. He can only hope he’ll be able to do so before she returns to her old life, and the certain death awaiting her.
Now Available ....
Awakened (book 1): Click Here
Price: $0 FREE (at time of post)
Destined (book 2): Click Here
Price: $3.99 (at time of post)
Untamed (book 3): Click Here  
Price: $3.99 (at time of post)
Series Box Set (w/books 1-3): Click Here
Price: $7.59 (at time of post)
Brenda K. Davies
My name is not really Brenda K. Davies or Erica Stevens, it is a pen name that I chose in memory of two amazing friends lost too soon.I was born in New York and moved to Mass as a child. I spent my time growing up between NY and Mass so I have some interesting times when sports games roll around. I was fortunate enough to marry my best friend over two years ago and I don't know what I'd do without him. I have a large, crazy, fun loving family that just loves to laugh. My parents are the strongest people I know. I have an older brother and sister, and a younger sister, who have blessed me with many nieces and nephews and great nieces and nephews. I am nowhere near as old as the great nieces and nephews make me sound. I love to read and have wanted to be a writer since I was nine years old.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

"Y.A. Tuesday": Caller 107 by Matthew S. Cox

Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal, Coming of Age, Urban. 176 pages.
Price: $4.99 (at time of post)
Publisher & Date: Curiosity Quills Press. July 21, 2014.
Book Link: Click Here
Listed Rating: πŸ“”πŸ“”πŸ“”πŸ“”  πŸ“–
Price I Paid: $0 (got it FREE on July 24, 2015) 
My Rating:  πŸ“”πŸ“”πŸ“”πŸ“”  

My Thoughts: Written For All Who've Been Hurt By Divorce As Either The Parent Or Child. 

       Honestly I grabbed this book without reading much of the description thinking it was only to do with a teenager and her wanting to connect with a DJ. That is soooo not the case, this book is way more than I was expecting but in a good way. The plot feels confusing at first especially with the verb tense and perspective being a bit off, but as you read on and more of the situation is revealed, a reader can see such a depth to this book you may not have expected. I certainly wasn't, which made this book a great emotional read that has left a huge impression on me for life.
       After a two year bitter divorce in which her two parents want only to destroy each other, left thirteen-year-old Natalie Rausch in the middle and alone, now she is nothing but hardened towards those around her. Natalie absolutely hates everything her mom says and does, since Natalie is convinced she is all to blame for destroying their family. She also hates her dad for cutting her out of his life and leaving her alone with the one person in the world she really hates. Natalie lets herself spiral out of control by dropping her grades, shop lifting, dressing like a punk and swearing worse than a sailor all in an effort to enrage her mother and get attention from her non-existent father. However, it's not until Natalie hits her lowest point by hanging out with a group of dangerous older teens that she finds herself in real physical danger. It's then that redemption in a series of tasks given by a spirit in the form of DJ Crazy Todd may be possible if, and only IF, Natalie can fix her wrongs in time. Natalie takes the offer of a second chance and winds up on a journey with her mother and father exploring where her family fell apart and why, but most importantly how they can move forward together, if Natalie completes her tasks and wins approval for her second chance. 

        Overall, this story has such a grasp on how much divorce destroys kids and families, that for me a person who has not experienced divorce firsthand, now feels more attuned to help the kids I do know who have gone through these types of messy divorces with more clarity. Now the plot flow, perspective, verb tense and story structure was a bit rough for me to get through for a couple chapters, but once I got a third of the way in I realized this book was emotionally golden. Natalie is hurting and expressing it as best she knows, which is basically wreck whats left of her life since her parents helped destroy what happiness she had once before they started fighting. So when they, as a family, finally get a chance to let the hurt and blame fall away, by allowing the whole truth to come out it helps them all heal. Natalie is clearly a thirteen year old girl who is trying to be older than she needs to be, but her life changed the moment her parents decided to divorcee. As an adult who helps kids, many who come from split families, I know the kids are always hurt from the experience and this book helped remind me their actions are reactions, which may be for attention not always self destruction. So if you were once an angry teen from a bitter divorce, or know a teen(s) that are angry at everyone and everything when the people in their world seem against them, than this book may be a good choice.

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Hey, BOOK IT OUT!! - Price Drop to FREE!!!

(The Born Trilogy Book 1)
by A.E. Watson
Price dropped as of July 27, 2015
from $0.99 to FREE (that's a 100% Price Drop)
My "Spotlight Saturday" Review:  April 11, 2015

Hey, CHECK IT OUT!!- See How She Runs by Michelle Graves

Start The Chronicles of Izzy today for FREE! 
Genre: Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, New Adult. 235 pages.
Book Link: Click Here
Listed Rating: πŸ“”πŸ“”πŸ“”πŸ“” . 7

Grab your copy and find out why people are calling this series EPIC and UNEXPECTED!

Book Synopsis:
One delivery changed her whole life.

Izzy was a normal girl living in Chicago as a bike messenger before that fateful day. She delivered one package and set into action a chain of events she never could have expected.

Now she is running for her life from the Corporation, her best friend is not at all who he seemed, and to top it all off she keeps having visions.

Will she survive to navigate the waters as a Seer? Will her feelings for Kennan be her very downfall? Find out in See How She Runs.
The Chronicles of Izzy:
 Book One: See How She Runs
 Book Two: See How She Fights
 Book Three: See How She Falls
Now Available ....
The Chronicles of Izzy:
The Complete Series (Box Set)- Click Here
**My book review: Click Here**
Price$7.99 (at time of post)
    Michelle Graves
Author Links: BlogTwitterFacebook and Goodreads.

Michelle Graves is a self-proclaimed nomad, moving every two to three years with her husband the Army man, her beautiful daughter, and a fat tailless cat named Torri. When she is not writing away trying to purge her mind of yapping characters she can be found entertaining her daughter, attempting to craft (whilst trying not to injure herself with the glue gun), baking yummy treats, or reading. She admits to having a restless spirit and forces her family to go out on adventures whenever possible. They lovingly play along. 

Friday, July 24, 2015

Hey, BOOK IT OUT!! - Price Drop

Soul Savers Box Set
(Books 1-3 + Novella)
by Kristie Cook
Price dropped as of July 24, 2015
from $5.99 to $0.99 (that's a 83% Price Drop)
My Blog Review for Book 1 "Promise":  February 10, 2015
**For more information on Kristie Cook check out her,  
"Spotlight Saturday" Post: Click Here

"Friday Favs": One Tiny Secret (Seasons of Deception Book 1) by T.A. Kunz

Genre: Coming of Age, Thriller, Suspense, Mystery. 402 Pages.
Price: $2.99 ebook (at time of post)
Publisher & Date: C.A. Kunz. LLC. May 15, 2013
Book Link: Click Here
Listed Rating: πŸ“”πŸ“”πŸ“”πŸ“” πŸ“–
Price I Paid: $0.99 on May 27, 2013
My Rating:  πŸ“”πŸ“”πŸ“”πŸ“” 

My Thoughts: Very Suspenseful Read, But Focused on the Who instead of the Why.

    This story exploits the issue of hiding things and it coming back to bite you big time. The characters are mainly high school age but rather than distract it heightens the thrill of story knowing their lack of self control, clarity and maturity will play into their triumph or downfall. Kunz creates a story that builds each chapter as person after person is revealed to have a motive or  . .  . secret. 
    The story is told from the main character perspective, who is eighteen-year-old Danielle “Dani” Marks. Dani is the only daughter of the town sheriff and with that comes a lot of pressure to stay out of trouble despite wanting to be a normal fun loving teen just trying to survive high school. She works on the newspaper and has her sights on a great college. However, things begin to unfold one night after she reconnects with her old childhood friend and neighbor, Janice. They escape to a popular secret Halloween party in the woods, but while Dani tries to figure out her sudden reunion with her first love Parker Reed, Janice disappears. After the event of Janice's disappearance, Dani is flooded by threats and messages by a blackmailer who calls them-self Unknown. Things escalate from threats to physical harm after Dani refuses to bend to the blackmailers whims. The one thing Dani knows is she can't turn to anyone or trust them, because anyone could be the Unknown.
     Overall, great suspenseful read with High School romance drama thrown in. I enjoyed the suspense and mystery part trying to figure out who the heck is Unknown?! The whole cat and mouse game got really messy and intense so that by the end I still was unsure who was involved, which is great since I hate cliche "I pegged it from the beginning" type books. However, the tiny secret which sparks the killer's need for revenge was kinda weird, and the other secrets mentioned weren't all that grand enough to become psycho launchers either in my opinion. Plus Janice and Dani's issue could have been explained in more detail, maybe in a flashback, because I'm still not clear on what all went down with those two, only that it festered there over the bitter years. Oh and the relationship between Parker and Dani always seemed more physical over emotional, which is probably why I wasn't rooting for them or find myself crying if they didn't get together. Okay so in the end the plot wraps up enough to have a reader take it for what it's is and you can still feel enjoyment from the thrill of the mystery. The point of this book for me turned out to be finding out who was the killer. So if you're looking for a suspenseful mystery involving high school drama in which you don't mind having the why kill answered in a semi okay way knowing the story is focused mostly on revealing the who's the killer, then this book is great. 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Hey, NEW BOOK OUT!!- Soul Savers Box Set II (Books 4-7) by Kristie Cook

!! NEW Box Set RELEASE !!
by Kristie Cook
Series Penned: "Soul Savers" and "The Book of Phoenix"

**For more information on Kristie check out her,  
"Spotlight Saturday" Post: Click Here

Genre: SciFi, Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance.
Price: $9.99 ebook (at time of post)
Book Link: Click Here
My thoughts: Grab it up! Great Last 4 Books in an Amazing Series!
       Box sets can be a less expensive way to purchase a series and it's also a more convenient way to keep all your books together in one place. I love this series and the last 4 books in the Soul Savers series have to the be the most emotional and powerful. They will have you grabbing so many tissues, ugh I'm tearing up just thinking about some scenes. However, Kristie Cook does right by her readers and delivers hope amidst a darken world. Each title gives you a hint as to the story's and main characters emotional states. Oh and believe me when the title is torment it's TORMENT. All that to say, the end of the series is beautiful leaving a smile on your face and perhaps tears of joy. There is even a hint at more to come *fingers and toes crossed too, please let it be true. So if you haven't gotten into the Soul Savers Series yet, Kristie Cook has made it more attainable to become a fan by having box sets at such great rates. 

Power (Book 4)
As the Amadis prepare for war, Alexis returns to Florida with orders to relax, regenerate and replenish her depleted power. But she must also establish a new safe house, learn the art of conversion, find her AWOL protector, help a desperate fan, and protect her son. Oh, and figure out what's going on with her husband, whose peculiar behavior just might get them killed.

But most important of all, her primary mission: recover her stolen pendant.

The stone in the pendant's unknown qualities make it a possible weapon in the wrong hands. With guidance and power from an improbable source and an unlikely ally by her side, Alexis sets out to retrieve the stone before the enemy discovers its potential for mass destruction. But when she finds herself in the Daemoni's lair fighting for her life, all hope seems lost. Will she discover the true power she holds in time?

Wrath (Book 5)
As I curled my body around Sasha's, I realized the anger within me had changed. I no longer felt irrational and blinding fury that dulled all other emotions. But that was okay. I really didn't want to be Psycho Alexis. This, what I now felt in every cell of my body down to the core, was better. My anger had condensed and solidified into a cold, hard stone settling within me. Something I could control and hold onto for the long term to keep me going and focused on the goal.


That's what I felt. And there was nothing worse than the wrath of a pissed-off mother.

Torment (Book 6)
**My book review: Click Here**
When the Daemoni expose their existence to the human race, all Hell breaks loose. Literally. Not only do they walk the world freely, attacking at will, but they've infiltrated the highest levels of power in the human world. World War III erupts between countries and species, with Lucas, leader of evil on Earth, orchestrating it all. He even possesses direct control of thousands of soldiers' minds, setting himself up to take over humanity.

Alexis, still young and inexperienced, must lead the Angels' army to war. But every step she takes is trumped by Lucas, who single-handedly turns the humans against her Amadis. When Alexis and Tristan top every country's list of Most Wanted Terrorists, they are forced to go underground to fight this war. And their first mission is to free the human soldiers by breaking the link that allows Lucas to control them.

But the Four Horsemen have apparently arrived, bringing the world into the apocalypse. Can Alexis and the Amadis prevent Lucas from taking over humanity? Or is he truly the Antichrist, and the events tormenting the world part of an age-old prophecy that can't be stopped?

Faith (Book 7)
**My book review: Click Here**
Evil reigns the world. Earth's been ravaged. Only supernaturals roam the surface, while anyone else who escaped the fallout remains hidden deeply underground. The only signs humans survived at all come from those who serve the Daemoni. To finalize his conquest of humanity, Lucas prepares to rip down the veil between Earth and the Otherworld, opening the gates of Hell into the physical realm. 

So why do the Angels insist on Alexis fighting a war that's already been lost? Defending a world that no longer exists?

With a soul that's been battered and beaten by both Heaven and Hell, Alexis holds on to a single conviction--her love for her family. Her only mission now is to save her husband's and her son's souls. Once she does, she'll plead with the Angels to allow them off this world God has obviously forsaken.

But has He? And can she give up on all humanity? Or will she find the faith she needs to win back the world? How far will she go to save the souls she loves...and those she does not?
Now Available ....
Soul Savers Box Set 
(Books 1-3 + Novella)- Click Here
Price$5.99 (at time of post)

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

"Wed's Wonderings & Wanderings": World Doom and Zombies, Would You Survive?

As of late I noticed that I have read and enjoyed reading various books from the Dystopian and Post-Apocalyptic genre. Now I'm not one for watching Zombie, Alien or End of the World type movies, but they seem so frequent and popular in both literature and movies it got me thinking, why? Why are people so focused on the world ending and people becoming these half human living dead things out to eat the last living humans?

This is why I love authors and their imaginations, books are the aid to answer that question of why. Books and their stories can give a picture into the human condition and open your mind to the psychology and sociology of people all set in a future tense. Authors write fictional scenarios based on possible human behavior, their stories could be a brilliant map to follow should you find yourself in a zombie apocalypse. Kinda joking . . . but not.

Seriously though, the fact that so many are interested and invested in reading about characters surviving and thriving in such a plagued destroyed world shows what we think. Either aliens will come, a nuclear explosion will occur or zombies will take over, but the bottom line in all the stories is the same . . . society did it to themselves by over reaching their technological bounders. It's a foreshadowing warning that if we push too far we will fall that much more. The earth is the most precious planet in the galaxy let alone the universe, because it's the only one of its kind, it sustains life. 

With all that said Dystopian and Post-Apocalyptic books are still great entertainment to be read and get you ready just in case there is a real zombie apocalypse, cause you know it's always best to be prepared. So take these two Buzzfeed quizzes concerning the Zombie Apocalypse. They are a lot of fun and make you think, my sister and me always send these types of quizzes back and forth to each other for laughs. I'll even be completely honest and give you my quiz results.

Will You Survive The Zombie Apocalypse? - Click Here
    Survival, easily: Your rational attitude and excellent decision-making mean that you’re going to make it through. You’re such a strong leader that everyone you’ve met will be safe too. You’ll will probably go on the rule the world after the collapse of society. 

 Yeah right that's me, not! While my sister got. . . "You got: Torn apart within a week You’ll make a good effort. A really good effort. But you won’t survive. Poor decisions and a lack of ruthlessness will doom you. Someone you know might survive though!" I died laughing! I saw her face when she got the results and said "what's it say good effort?" I finally got her to show me and saw I pegged her results. I guess I'll have to make sure she's with me if it all goes down.

How Long Would You Survive In A Zombie Apocalypse?- Click Here
     I was given 6 months. 
   Because I'd fight if need be, but I'd eventually just rush in is what they say I'd do. I say I'd probably die of starvation, I seriously can't cook so I figure if I teamed with my sister, she's a sweetheart and can't kill a bug, who was given 3 months, we'd last at least 5 months together, because she can cook and I'd kill or at least sacrifice myself for her.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Hey, NEW BOOK OUT!!- Dead Lucky (Lucky Clover Romance Series, Book 2) by RaShelle Workman

by RaShelle Workman
Author Links: Amazon PageFacebookWebsiteTwitter.
Penned Series: The Blood and Snow Series, The Immortal Essence Series, Across the Ages, Dead Roses Series, Undercover Empath.
AND single novels such as: Summer Love and Touching Melody.

Book 2, in the Lucky Clover Romance Series
"Dead Lucky" 
Genre: Mystery, Contemporary Romance. 71 pages.
Price: $0.99 ebook (at time of post)
Book Link: Click Here
Lucky Clover Green is goal-oriented, despite her hippy parents. She has plans for her life and knows how to make them happen. 

There’s even a list to prove it. 
     1. Graduate from prestigious law school. Check. 
     2. Find an apartment in New York. Check. 
     3. Get engaged to the man of her dreams. Check. 
     4. Become partner at a law firm. Ch—Well, she’s still working on that. First she needs a job. 

On impulse, she goes to a club with her roommate and meets the lead singer of the band, Toxic Suspects. His name is Maxwell Legend. He’s hot, gorgeous, and soooooo doesn’t fit into her plans. 

And then her fiancΓ© is murdered. 

Turns out Lucky might not be so...  

Now Available ....
Not So Lucky (Book #1)- Click Here
Price$0.99 (at time of post)
**Check out the series announcement with my book review: Click Here**