Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Hey, It's A Release Blitz for "Guarding Eden" by Cameo Renae

Book 1, in The Midway Novels 
(Spinoff of the Hidden Wings Series)
"Guarding Eden"
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy. 282 pages.
Book Link: Click Here
Price: $0.99 ebook (at time of post)
Tucked away at an upscale, private boarding school in Brindle Hollow, Washington, seventeen-year-old Eden East comes face to face with a hideous creature on her walk back to her dorm. Shaken to her core, she's left questioning the world around her, and soon finds herself entering a friendship with a hot, new student named Alexander. 

Little does she know, Alex is a Guardian Angel, sent from Midway to protect her from those dangerous creatures—known as Darkling—lurking in the forest outside Brindle Hall. It isn’t long before Alex learns this is no ordinary assignment. Eden’s existence holds a secret; something hidden from even herself. 

Eden is thrust into a world where Fallen angels and creatures of the Underworld will stop at nothing to catch her. With Alex at her side and a little help from some of his old friends, they form a formidable front against the enemy. 

Hopefully, it’s not too little, too late.

Chapter 1:(Alex)
     Thomas nudged me in the side. “Dude. Wake up.” 
     “What?” I sat up blinking a few times, trying to gain my bearings. 
     “Ephraim called your name. Looks like you’ve got an assignment.” 
     I looked up to see Ephraim standing in the doorway to his office with a file in hand. His brow was furrowed, looking like his patience was wearing thin.
     “I can’t believe it.” I stretched, then hopped to my feet. “Finally.” 
     “I have an emergency assignment for you, Alexander,” Ephraim explained. 
     “Is it exciting? Something dangerous?” After being pent up in Midway for a few months, I was itching for some action.      
     Midway was a beautiful place where the Guardians resided between assignments, but until we were called for duty, there wasn’t much to do but sit and wait. There were areas for fight training, but that got tiring, and was used mostly by the newbies. 
     “It could be.” Ephraim shrugged, reading the file. “The assignment is a girl. She’s boarding in a private school in Washington and ran into some trouble with a Darkling. Watchers just alerted us.” 
     “How old is she?” 
      Ephraim held up the file, examining it closer. “Seventeen.” 
      “A high schooler?” Damn, the high school assignments were tedious. They were usually low action. “Why was a Darkling after her?” 
      “We think it was a random incident, but she survived. You know the Darkling will be back. It won’t let her live, not after she’s seen it.”
       “Yeah, it’s probably pissed it was a young female who slipped its clutches.” I laughed. “So, I guess I’m heading back to high school?” “Yes, you’ll be a senior at Brindle Hall,” he answered, without a show of emotion. “Because you look the part and have quite a bit of experience with Darkling, you will be her assigned Guardian. Our contacts have already started your enrollment process. You’ll start tomorrow morning and will be in four of her six classes.” 
        “You want me to be visible?” Being seen was usually forbidden, as there were risks to revealing our existence.
        Ephraim’s eyes skimmed the file. “Yes, we want to make sure she is safe, and there is no more threat. Once you confirm this, your assignment will be complete.” 
        Thomas laughed. “Dude, you have the perfect baby face. Teenage girls eat that crap up.” 
         “Screw you,” I snapped. 
         Thomas gave a wide, toothy grin. “You need to lighten up.” 
          “You’ve had too many assignments in sunny California.” 
         Thomas closed his eyes and smiled. “Yes, the salty ocean and sunshine. There’s nothing like it. Surfing is a lot like flying.” 
          “I doubt I’ll be doing much surfing in cloudy, rainy Washington,” I sighed. 
          Thomas stood and slapped me on the shoulder. “It’s been three months since my last assignment. I’d love anything that would get me the heck out of here.” 
          “I’d gladly give this assignment up for you. You could pass for a teenager.” 
          “Maybe, but you have that teen heartthrob deal going on.” 
          “What about Dom?” I asked. 
          Ephraim narrowed his eyes at me. “Dom’s no longer allowed on high school assignments. There are too many female distractions which feed off his already inflated ego.” Thomas and I laughed at his remark.

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