Friday, March 6, 2015

Hey, So Imma Have to Pause For A Bit . . .

    Sooooo it turns out reading can at times be hazardous for your health. Who knew?! Ya see, I got into a car accident last week, which was totally not my fault, but I walked away with the most pain. Turns out I ended up with a concussion and a cervical sprain. Well main point is I can't be on the computer too long before my head starts pounding and my brain gets fuzzy and words go blurry and the world starts turning. Also, reading is a no go, tried it despite being told to stay away, and well anytime I even read it all just slips away then my brain shuts down and then I'm out for a nap for like the next 3 hour or so. Yeah it's great. 
So in the end I'm off work at home doing nothing. Well I can watch some tv and movies but nothing too flashy or fast moving or too productive. So that means no sponge bob, fast & furious or any documentaries. But really all I was hoping to do was read, but that's a no go, sooo I'll need to take a brake on blogging and reading. Oh well, Life is life and there is nothing I can do except accept it and live it. So goodnight now, because typing this thing has made me weary and now I'm off to take a nap. See ya.

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