Wednesday, March 4, 2015

"Wednesday's, Wonderings & Wanderings": Fortune in Fortune Cookies

     I love eating sushi and Chinese food especially with my family and friends. At the end of every meal wether it be a lunch, dinner, takeout or sit dinner you get the bill and Fortune Cookies!
Fortune Cookies are a hit and miss thing for me taste wise. Either they are really delicious or taste like cardboard. Most are a light brown but some can be dark brown too, I even had an orange one once, that didn't taste like an orange. 
     But let me get to this post's point.  The best part of the fortune cookie is the fortune inside. My family loves to open them all together and read them out loud to see if we can have a "Freaky Friday" moment. If you're not familiar in the movie Freaky Friday, the new version with Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsey Lohan, they open fortune cookies and read the same fortune and then find themselves inside each other's bodies. So since then we always try to find the same fortune when opening our cookies.
    Well it finally happened once at our favorite family Chinese restaurant. It was my sister and myself that had the twin fortunes, as pictured above. Sadly or I should say thank God we didn't switch bodies or my poor sister would've had a hard life in my place. Since then we still look for a time we'll all have the same fortune but 5 of us getting the same fortune seems highly improbable. Well most of the time we hardly take the fortunes to heart. For example my fortune on Monday read, "Your fortune will be on your right side." Yeah brilliant fortune for me since where we were seated at the time there was a wall on my right  soooo guess I've got no fortune. But I'll just keep looking to my right side I guess.

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