Saturday, January 7, 2017

Hey, So Official Blog Schedule Update!

Well since I've begun my very busy job, I have finally come to admit that my time for reading has decreased drastically. So I've decided to adjust my daily and weekly blog posts, so I don't pressure or purposefully overly regulate myself into reading too much in a week and end up missing planned post, especially reviews for authors and their new releases. All that being said, I've now plotted out a new schedule to let me read, review and blog without too much pressure. Here is the new schedule for the blog if ya wanna take a gander below.

Starting as of Monday January 9, 2017:
"Tour Blitz Posts" (occasionally posted throughout the month on various days) -features Book Blitz and Book Tours with Reviews or Excerpts. 
"Miscellaneous Monday" (posted on the 3rd Monday of the month) -features any books which don't fit any specific genre or is in an under popularized genre.
"Y.A or N.A. Tuesdays" (posted on the 4th Tuesday of the month) -will feature any books associated in those Young Adult or New Adult genres.
"Wednesday Wondering & Wanderings" (posted on the 1st Wednesday of the month) -will be about a trip or event I went on that week or just about something brought to remembrance from an occasion during the week. Could be book associated, or not.
"Romance Thursdays" (posted on the 2nd Thursday of the month) -covers Chick lit and Rom-Coms, anything in those genres that aren't labeled anything more specific.
"Friday Favs" (posted on the 4th Friday of the month) -features books I bought that are currently trending or are my personal favorite free read finds that I've read years ago and have followed the series or author since then.
"Classic Literature Review" (posted on the 1st Saturday of the month) - reviewing classic literature novels from authors of past century till present. Basically any books that are listed for the AP Lit. exam from high school.
"Spotlight Saturdays" (posted on the 3rd Saturday of the month) -highlighting authors, book series, with interviews, and post special blog announcements.
Sundays and God said REST so I shall too.

In Summary- 

1st week in the month: 
"Wednesday Wondering & Wanderings" 
"Classic Literature Review"

2nd week in the month:
"Romance Thursdays"

3rd week in the month:
"Miscellaneous Monday"  
"Spotlight Saturdays"

4th week in the month: 
"Y.A or N.A. Tuesdays"
"Friday Favs"

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