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Hey, It's A Release Blitz for "The Sister Code" by Haley Allison

by Haley Allison

Book 2, in the D.O.R.K. Series
"The Sister Code"
Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary, Music Fiction. 240 pages.
Price: $3.99 ebook (at time of post)
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**NOTE: Not a standalone. It is strongly recommended to read this series in order. 
The Sister Code is Book #2 of the D.O.R.K. (Diary of a Rocker's Kid) Series.**
Two sisters. Two missions. One recipe for disaster.

It doesn’t take Madison Daley long to figure out Beverly Hills isn’t all it’s cracked up to be…

Madison is still in a state of shock. Not only is her favorite actress, the famous Jessica Redinger, her mother, but she also has an identical twin, Raven Redinger. Raven is everything Madison wishes she could be—popular, famous, and cool under pressure—so she agrees to use their twin status as a ploy to increase their celebrity appeal.

The deal also includes Madison keeping her hands off Raven’s ex, the charming Giovanni Abate. But after an unfortunate incident during a family trip to London, Madison realizes just how unreliable family can be.

Giovanni is certain he knows which twin he wants…

Madison returns to L.A., humiliated and shunned by her mother’s side of the family, and determined to focus on building her band. Her attention is diverted, however, when Gio is quick to admit he’s still got Madison fever. She knows he’s off-limits, but when you combine his undeniable Italian good looks with a heartfelt confession, Madison can’t help but fall right back into his arms.

As their birthday approaches, the twins’ relationship hits a breaking point…

Madison’s mother has been holding back a secret, and it turns the entire family’s world upside down. Raven has her own plans for Madison, though, and she isn’t about to let her back out on their deal now.

Will Madison ever be accepted as one of the famous Redingers? Or is there a high price to pay for breaking…

The Sister Code
My Rating:  📔📔📔📔📔
My Thoughts: Sisters Before Misters!
       O-M-G!! I NEED the third book NOW! This is the sequel to "Diary of a Rocker's Kid" and it will shock you! So if you haven't read the first novel do so and then immerse yourself in this novel as the female protagonist becomes our heroine.
       Adjusting to her new status of being not one but a child of two celebrities and also a twin is something Madison Daley never imagined. Madison quickly discovers the world of Hollywood and fame is a lot to handle, especially when she keeps making media mistakes here and there. Plus she agreed to Raven's strict sister code so they could take the world by storm together. But when Madison begins to find herself molded and shaped into another version of Raven, she questions her choice including the one about dumping Giovanni. So Madison begins to take solace in her music and sets out to build her band, which even includes a sexy drummer who makes her stomach flutter. Though one thing becomes clear to Madison not everything is as it appears in LA and knows she needs help in this new place. So the question is will Madison stick to the sister code or end up opposing Raven?
       Overall, Loved it and can't wait for the next book, as in I want it like this very instant. Impatient I know but the story takes a drastic  "Oh no they didn't!" turn that will make you just as eager for more. Madison is definitely a spunky character who grows up in this book finding out harsh realities of life and experiencing family drama. I love how Madison finds it in herself to finally take control of her life and not be pushed around, because it's truly easy to be lead by people you trust or should trust. Now let me just say I'm so sad that Raven is such a b*tch, you'll find out why by reading the book. But come on if my sister pulled half of the crap she did we'd have some words or fight, probably words since my mom would have probably slap us both with her chanclas first to straighten us out. Anyways, I also really love the new guy in Madison's life and wish I had him in reality, because he has rhythm, is hot and cooks, umm I need that last one the most. So if you read the first novel read this sequel you won't be disappointed, saddened a bit when it's over but will be eager for the next book.


   “This place is so not me,” I mutter under my breath as Raven and our personal shopper, Vicki, lead me through the racks at Nothing But Chic Boutique the next morning. All around me I see nothing but a sea of floral print and neon. My rocker chick radar is not picking up even the slightest blip of an outfit that would suit my taste. They might as well have called this store “Nothing But The Latest Trends” because that is literally the only thing they carry. My heart sinks further the more I walk around in here. I’m going to look like an idiot in these clothes—not because of my looks, but because they’re not going to suit my personality at all.
   “Do you have any questions, Madison?” Vicki asks over her shoulder from about ten feet in front of me. Her yellow stilettos click on the marble tiles as she sashays through like she owns the place. 
   “Yeah, what’s the ‘rich bitch’ version of a Hot Topic?” 
   Vicki and Raven whirl around to face me, finally giving me their full attention for the first time since we entered the store. I thought I grumbled that under my breath, but I guess it was a little louder than I thought it was. 
   “Madison!” Raven’s face has gone ashen. Little Miss Prim and Proper Rich Girl blushes when I use “naughty words” in front of people. 
   Vicki’s cherry red lips pout as she draws her perfectly waxed blonde eyebrows together. “You don’t like our store?” 
   Raven jumps in quickly. “I apologize for my sister, Victoria. She was raised on a farm by a retired rock star. Etiquette does not seem to be her strong suit.” She stares me down with her icy blue eyes— exact copies of mine. 
   Guilt settles in my stomach. “I’m sorry, Vicki. I didn’t mean to offend. It’s not you, it’s just this place doesn’t seem to be my scene.” 
   “‘Scene’ or none, this is where we’re shopping. As Jacie Redinger’s daughters, you and I are among the top trendsetters in the nation. We must look the part.” Raven brushes me off and the two of them continue to discuss our fashion choices without me.  
   Eventually, I find myself in the dressing room with armfuls of clothes that make me want to gag. I glance up into the full-length mirror to examine my recently changed appearance. Jet-black hair, bright red lipstick, and modest eye makeup adorn a face that once had an identity all its own. Now even my French manicure proclaims to the world that I am Raven Redinger’s exact physical copy. My whole goal in life was to be unique and make something of myself. I feel a twinge of guilt at letting that go, even temporarily, but I’d rather be known as a Redinger-Daley Clone—er, Twin—than the daughter Jacie Redinger abandoned as a baby. As long as I never hear the term “Basket Baby” again, it will be a step up. 
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Price$3.99 (at time of post)
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Haley Allison is a South Carolina native. She discovered a love of writing at age fourteen and hasn't been able to turn off the motor fingers since then. Today she lives in a quiet country home with her husband, son, and Boston Terrier. She is a Graphic Design major at Southern New Hampshire University and hopes to graduate with a B.A. degree sometime in the next couple of years. Her hobbies include composing piano music, nature photography, and blogging about books and authors.

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