Monday, August 29, 2016

Hey, NEW BOOK OUT!!- "Play Dirty" by Amber Garza

by Amber Garza
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Penned Series: Playing For Keeps, Unexpected Love Series, Prowl Trilogy, Star Struck Series, Delaney's Gift Series, Break Free and Break Through. 
as well as single novels: Cuts Run Deep, Falling to Pieces, The Summer We Fell, Engraved, Head Above Water, Mark My Words, and Until the Sun Burns Out.

Book 4, in The Make The Play Series
"Play Dirty"
Genre: Young Adult, Sports Romance. 173 pages.
Price: $2.99 ebook (at time of post)
Book Link: Click Here
I’m used to getting what I want. 

And what I want is Ashley. 

The girl I drove right into Hayes’ arms. The girl who is no longer interested in me at all. 

But I have a secret weapon. Talia Smith, Hayes’ ex-girlfriend, who wants him back as much as I want Ashley. It doesn’t matter that our kiss is what broke up Talia and Hayes in the first place. The same kiss that ruined my relationship with Ashley. Because even though we screwed up, we’re going to work as a team to get what we want. By pretending to be together, we’ll make Hayes and Ashley realize what they’re missing. 

But things don’t go the way I plan. Pretty soon, the only thing I’m pretending is that I’m not falling for Talia. 

Because I am. 

Suddenly, what I care about most is proving to Talia that my feelings for her are genuine. But I know that will be difficult, since I’m the guy who always plays dirty.
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Play Nice (Book #3)- Click Here
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