Tuesday, December 6, 2016

NEW BOOK OUT!!- "Intended for Bristol" by L.P. Dover

by L.P. Dover
Penned Series: Forever Fae Series, Gloves Off Novels, and A Second Chances Series.
AND single novels such as: "Love, Lies and Deception" and "No Limit".

Book 9, in The Second Chances Novels
"Intended for Bristol"
Genre: Contemporary Romance. 231 pages.
Price: $3.99 ebook (at time of post)
Book Link: Click Here 
L. P. Dover’s tantalizing Second Chances series scores once again as the Carolina Cougars’ infamous bad boy takes a shot at seducing a driven career woman who’s supposed to be out of bounds. 

 Trying to live down his very public indiscretions, Carolina Cougars kicker Jaxon Reed feels like the most hated man in the NFL. Fans and teammates alike treat him with the disrespect he figures he deserves. Unfortunately for them, Jaxon’s no easy target. As payback, he sets his sights on the quarterback’s sister: a sultry brunette who’s curvy, confident, and sexy as hell. But what begins as a revenge fling turns into so much more—a lesson in humanity, and in love.

Bristol Thomas doesn’t have time for games, especially those played by her brother’s Neanderthal teammates. A talented interior designer with lofty goals, she doesn’t know the first thing about football, or Jaxon—except that he’s exactly the type of man she usually avoids. But when his deep laugh and deeper kisses break through her walls, she becomes the target of a fan who’s obsessed with Jaxon. Now she needs to know that Jaxon has her back . . . because he already has her heart.

Chapter 1: (Jaxon) 
       Joel Harris, our coach and Cooper’s uncle, stood by the locker room door, his expression glum. He was a middle-aged man with more gray in his dark hair than ever before. I guess that was what dealing with us football players did to him. He ran a hand through his hair and sighed heavily before lifting his gaze to ours. We all knew what he was about to say— especially after we’d just had our asses handed to us by New Orleans, a team we should have been able to beat with our eyes closed. 
       “Boys, I’m sure it’s come as no shock to you, but Cooper won’t returning… ever.” 
       All heads lifted and the room fell into complete silence. I’d had a feeling he wasn’t coming back for the rest of the season, but I had no clue it was going to be permanent. Everyone stared at Joel as if he’d just spoken in a foreign language. No one wanted to believe this was it. 
      “So that’s it?” Blaine McCarthy hissed. He turned his platinum-blond head toward Samson and jabbed a finger in his direction. “We’re stuck with this fucktard who can’t even throw a ball straight.” All I could see was red.
      “Why don’t you shut the hell up, McCarthy,” I spat. His fiery blue gaze turned to me, but Coach Joel stepped in his way, blocking him from view. I hated McCarthy. I used to be the most hated player on the team until that bastard joined us. Samson’s jaw clenched and he averted his gaze, clearly not wanting the fight. That was why he wasn’t going to get us the wins; he wasn’t a fighter.
       Joel glared back and forth between me and McCarthy. “Enough of this bullshit. We don’t have time for that. I wanted to give you an update on the changes about to occur.” 
       Derek slid closer to me. “And we all know what that means,” he whispered low. I didn’t even want to listen to what Joel had to say. The thought of not having Cooper put a sour taste in my mouth. I didn’t want to be remembered as being on a losing team, and that was exactly what was going to happen if a new quarterback was brought in. 
       “I can’t believe this shit. I don’t want to imagine who they’re going to bring in as a replacement,” I replied.
       Derek shrugged a shoulder and slid his worn-out Tennessee hat over his auburn hair. “Don’t know, but I hope it’s someone good.” His focus landed on Blaine and he snarled his lip. I wasn’t the only one who hated him. “Just do me a favor and stay the fuck away from McCarthy. The last thing you need is to be on everyone’s bad side again. I’ve worked my ass off trying to get you back in the team’s good graces.”

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