Friday, December 16, 2016

Why I've Been MIA and Kinda Late In General

So yes, I've been rather absent from posting these past few weeks. In fact even before that I started, shall we say slacking on my reviews. Now I wish I could claim it was all because I was traveling about, which I had done a couple months ago, especially in the summer. 

However, for the last two months I have been tirelessly job hunting. Now I had been wanting a new job for 3 years now but hadn't fully dedicated myself to looking for a new position till at least this past year when I finally reached a boiling point at my current work. So after a few dead leads on almost perfect job opportunities, I began thinking that I was stuck with no chance for the change in life I so desired.
Then I was asked to apply for a position similar to the one I was in and well . . . that's where and what I've been doing for the past few weeks. Working hard and trying to learn how to balance my new very busy life has proven harder than expected. So to be a true grownup about things my online book life has taken a backseat. 

BUT. . .
because I still love to review, promote, and critique read I've decided to redo the blog schedule come January. So until then I'll post, scarcely perhaps, I'll read some of my TBR books, and most definitely I'll be catching up on all those reviews I owe to a few authors.

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