Thursday, March 8, 2018

Romance Thursday: "Love Like This" by Sophie Love

Series: The Romance Chronicles, Book 1.
Genre: Woman's Fiction, Inspirational, Romance. 168 pages.
Price: $0 FREE ebook (at time of post)
Publisher & Date: Amazon Digital Services, LLC. June 25, 2017.
Book Link: Click Here
Listed Rating:📔📔📔. 9
Price I Paid: $0 (got it FREE on February 5, 2018)
My Rating:📔📔📔
My Thoughts: Can The Cynic City Reporter Find What Love Is?
          First thing that drew me to this novel was the cute cover and finding this story was set in Ireland bonus! Quick moral of the story, one should never type and send anything when angry or drunk as it never goes well for the writer. If you have ever had the chance to visit Ireland, then you’ll appreciate this story and the jovial people with whom take the city reporter for a tour.
          By pure accident and a step of courage, e-magazine travel reporter, Kiera Swanson, has landed the dream assignment of going to Ireland for a month long feature on the Festival of Love. Kiera had been taking crap assignments and harsh criticism from her supervisor Josh for so long that this has been the chance Kiera has been waiting for as a sign her career is worthwhile. And she needs job affirmation, because she may no longer have a boyfriend thanks to grabbing the assignment. So it’s a wonderful surprise when Kiera arrives in Ireland and drives to the small town of Lisdoonvarna to stay at the local B&B and Pub; Orin the owner gives her the old Irish welcome, a pint of Guinness, and introduces her to Shane Lawder, Kiera’s guide for the next month. The attraction to Shane is immediate, but the cynic in Kiera will fight it till the end, especially amongst a festival full of so many searching for "love". However after a few weeks, and many a Guinness, Kiera can’t help but begin to question all her previous notions of traditions, community, family and love thanks to all whom she’s encountered in Ireland, especially the handsome and quirky Shane. But when she’s pressured from work for a more harsh and cynical viewpoint on the festival, will all Keira’s experienced be enough to change her article's focus or will her old biases on love go to print?
           Overall, cute read on a lazy day. Honestly I was getting super posed at Kiera only, because she had such an opportunity and kept wasting it. Ireland and the Irish people are amazing, so welcoming and definitely love their Guinness. So Kiera drunkenly typing crap about them or projecting her own insecurities on the festivities was so sad to read. But then there was Shane awww wish I had a supportive Shane. Once Kiera freed her heart and finally went for Shane, YAASSS!! Buuut of course that’s not the end, so I won’t ruin it or anything but oh I loved the angst of the apology scene and of course the make up moments. Let’s just say wish I had Kiera’s luck maybe the ummm luck of the Irish ;) So if you’re cynical about love and yet still a tiny bit hopeful for love this romance will be a good read if only to see cynic turn to love.

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