Wednesday, January 14, 2015

"Wednesday's, Wonderings & Wanderings": L.A. Traffic

My Ode to L.A. Traffic:
Oh the places one can go, 
Oh the places one can see, 
But wait! There's traffic . . .
So it's bumper to bumper I'll be.

         Seriously if you have ever been in Los Angeles for more than a few hours, or even just outside of LAX, I'm sure you can agree locals live in nothing but traffic. Getting to places we know that when we say, "Oh, it's like 20-25 mins away." What we really mean is "It's like 20 mins plus an extra 20 mins of traffic, unless the freeways are miraculously all clear, then maybe the place really will be only 25-30 mins away." Remember still got to add a few mins to account for the billion cars on the road.
         Despite all the traffic I still love driving and heading out with my friends and family to our favorite places and especially discovering new places. One of my new places to drive out too, despite the 2 hours there and back, is the 3rd St. Promenade in Santa Monica. I hadn't been back there in a while, but I've gone quite a bit these past months. There are a ton of stores along the promenade to just meander through and food places to enjoy too. So when the day is shinning and my schedule is clear, I'll usually get an itching to go somewhere a bit out of my area. That's when I grab my sister, hit play on my iPod to begin our playlist and hit the freeways passing Downtown, L.A.X and whole mess of cities on our way to towards the upper beachtown area.
        I guess no matter how much I might grip about traffic, I will always be happy for the fact I live where I live and all the places this city gives me access to. So while L.A. may be seriously over crowed with cars and traffic every day, I can with every other local at least take some pride in the fact we know how to drive in that mess we call roads. Plus any long drive can be turned into a party when you have tunes, so always make sure you have your iPod fully charged or if not make sure you know you have a radio, because its a tried a true fact by yours truly that music makes the commuting a whole lot easier, trust me.

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