Wednesday, January 28, 2015

"Wednesday's, Wonderings & Wanderings": So Many eBooks, So Little Time

         I ask this question a lot because, I literally have like a million ebooks in my library. That said I probably will never read all of them, which rather makes me sad. I love reading and whether the books are awful, or not, getting lost in a book is an activity I find relaxing. I can also multi-task, so reading while watching TV or listening to music isn't an issue. 
         In fact there are a couple books that I read when listening to a new album and when I re-read said books or listen to the album again, I swear I can remember that part in the book or hear the song playing in my head when reading that chapter again. Strange right? 
         Well I think that's how a lot of memories work by association with things. Generally I have a CD for every trip I've taken, don't know why it is but it just happens, but I don't usually have a specific book for my trips. I read books too fast so it's great I have my eReader now, or else I'd have to do the old school thing and lug around a bag of books.

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