Wednesday, January 21, 2015

"Wednesday's, Wonderings & Wanderings": Wanna Get Some Fro-Yo?

     So this past weekend L.A. had finally got a some warmer weather, meaning we all able to run out to grab our favorite snack Fro Yo, a.k.a Frozen Yogurt. There are sooo many frozen yogurt places now a days that you can find one basically in every outdoor shopping mall and inside every mall imaginable. 
     Now the key is finding your favorite flavor and toppings. Sure some Fro-yo places offer better enhanced flavors or even better tasting yogurt, but it's mostly about the toppings. Personally I go for nuts to compliment my pistachio yogurt and then add a lot of gummy worms. It's like I trick myself into thinking it's better for me than Ice-Cream just cause it's "yogurt", riiiiight.
     Frozen yogurt is just yummy and after reading a couple books this week that dealt with winter and continuous cold weather, it was fun to sit back and enjoy some warm weather and run out to grab some fro-yo with my family. Though the weather didn't last long since winter in L.A. is bi-polar to the max, so one day it's sunny at 85 degree by the next day or even that night it could be 50 degrees or 65 degrees. Still happy to know when I get a craving for some Fro-yo all I need do is jump in my car and drive to my local mall and get my craving sated.

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