Saturday, January 16, 2016

Classic Lit. Review- "Pride & Prejudice" by Jane Austen

"Pride and Prejudice"
by Jane Austen
Genre: Romance. 228 pages.
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My Rating:  📔📔📔📔📔
My Thoughts: Thinking Too Much Or Too Little Of People
      In being completely honest, I must confess I've never finished a whole Jane Austen novel. Until today that is. I've started about 4 of Austen's books, but never completed them; Mostly due to school or being too young to appreciate true literature. So I finally decided to finish reading the novel which I love to watch with my sister and BFF on any cold rainy day.
       This version of "Pride & Prejudice" is a great free edition. The format allows for dialogue in quotation marks which helps keep the conversation flowing. I've read other editions without dialogue notations and it was harder to distinguish narration from dialogue. The Table of Contents also works for easy access to chapters, something that is rare in some free books.
       Set in late Victorian era, Elizabeth Bennett, second born in a household of 5 daughters learns about love, pride, family and prejudice. While mr. Darcy too learns that love cant be helped and the person whom you fall for, despite your tries at distance, may come with some family baggage. Together Darcy and Lizzy prove that opposites attract and family is always with you, even if socially a bit unacceptable. 
       Overall, this story is a classic without a doubt. Mr. Darcy and Lizzy are so much fun to read about as you see how they never wanted to fall for one another, but love happens despite family relations. The Bennett family is unique and one I've always felt familiar with, but reading the novel helped me gain a better understanding of each family member making them more endearing to me. I've always loved the long BBC version of the novel but the Keira Knightly version became my to-go-to movie when working on my art late at night. So now after reading the novel completely through I see that both have similarities to the novel but of course there are cinematic differences. However, I'm glad I read the novel so I have a bigger appreciation for the book I've loved so much and I hope everyone takes the time to admire the true depth of the characters and circumstances of this novel by reading the book at least once.

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