Wednesday, January 20, 2016

"Wed's, Wonderings & Wanderings"- Good Boys vs.Bad Boys?

I've heard it said. . .
     There is definitely truth to that quote. The allure of having someone whom others don't understand who is special just for you is a very appealing idea. Which is why the usage of the bad boy turned good is sometimes overly used in contemporary romances, because it's something readers dream of secretly.

     One really has to wonder, is the bad boy visage appealing because in real life we know good men are in short supply basically rare. Hence the very big appeal of the bad boy, at least in fiction, because there is the hope that they can be changed for the good. Sadly this notion is more appears to be more fiction than reality more often than not.

     I'm usually one rooting for the underdog or nerd, but that's a whole other topic. But in real life I'm definitely a picker of the good boy, because I've known too many boys who were idiots to fall for them. However, in fiction I not as partial, I have a few bad boys I'd marry in a heart beat. Again because it's fiction. 

      The good boys though they are what make romance sweet and something to continue to dream about. Basic fairytales involve the princesses being found by a perfect prince who'll rescue them from their woes. It's that prince or knight we seem to look for, but thanks to the bad boy idea I suppose our knight could be a tad dark or rough around the edges. Either way it's still great fun to read and dream of an ideal guy, whether he be bad or good, your choice after all it is fiction fun.

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