Monday, May 7, 2018

COVER REVEAL!!- "Going for the Hole" by L.P. Dover

Release Date: 
June 25, 2018

Genre: Romantic Comedy. 456 pages
 Pre-Order Price: $2.99 (at time of post)
Pre-Order Link: Click Here

Grip it softly. 

Stroke it smooth. 

And you’ll sink right into the hole. That’s my motto both on and off the golf course. The women come in full supply everywhere I go and there are no complaints. Maybe it’s the size of my driver that gets them going. 

I’m Lucas “Ace” Montgomery, professional golfer and world record holder for the longest drive in golf history. The PGA Tour has been my life, but it’s time for a break. A few relaxing weeks of drinking and golf with friends in Myrtle Beach is what I need. However, when a bright pink ball knocks me out on the course, and a blonde beauty comes to my aid, I expect to see a gallery girl, a.k.a a member of the Party Groupie Association. 

Trust me, those girls know how to have fun. Although, to my surprise, it’s not what I get at all. 

Dr. Ashley Locke is beautiful and everything I’d want if I was ever to get serious about someone. 

Unfortunately, she has no interest in me whatsoever which only makes me want her more. 

All she wants is to get through her friend’s bachelorette weekend and go back to her life. But after injuring me on the course, I’m not letting her run away so easily. 

When I want something, I get it. 

I’m not competing for money this time. 

All I want is to win her heart.


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