Friday, April 29, 2016

Hey, NEW BOOK OUT!!- "The Battle of the Brains" by Michelle Graves

by Michelle Graves
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Penned Series: The Chronicles of Izzy Series and The Misadventures of Maggie Moore.

Book 2, in The Misadventures of Maggie Moore Series
"The Battle of the Brains"
Genre: Woman's Fiction, Romantic Comedy. 227 pages.
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Maggie Moore is leaving small-town south Georgia behind to embrace adulthood on her own in big-city Atlanta. 

Finding inspiration in the unique people she’s met covering obscure sporting events, Maggie decides it’s time to fill her life with adventure – just as soon as she figures out how to cut ties with good ol’ Murphy, and his pesky laws, once and for all. 

Naturally, the universe has different plans. 

Before she even sets out to cover her next big story, Maggie is bombarded with old wounds and new insecurities, forcing her to choose between the reality in front of her and the promise of a dream just out of reach. 

Channeling the hard-fought lessons of her Dad, Maggie struggles against the seemingly insurmountable force that is her troublesome partner, learning the hard way that things are never as easy as you think they’ll be.
My Rating:  📔📔📔📔📖
My Thoughts: He's Hot And Then Cold, Yes But Then No . . .
     Poor Maggie Moore definitely has a lot more on her plate in this book. I love how honest and hilarious Maggie is while just trying to survive Murphy's law. Author Michelle Graves has a great series with interesting topics, fun characters and a frustrating "couple".
       After the success of her first article, Maggie Moore is now moving out on her own. Of course it's by her mothers prodding, but Maggie is about to get her life started. Now if only she could get her love life sorted. Her heart is pulled between the trail hiker, Deacon, and her insufferable cameraman-partner, John. Logically Deacon is a safe choice to work towards building a relationship with, but John holds a piece of her heart even after the hurt he's caused. Especially since John's therapy sessions he's been running hot then cold and talking more cryptically with her throwing their relationship and Maggie's emotions towards him all over the place. So when she and John hit the road again for Chessboxing, Maggie hopes to figure him out or they may never get back to being friends.
       Overall, good read about the ever entertaining Maggie Moore. This novel was definitely more about Maggie sussing out what she is looking for in relationships and how she feels towards John than anything else. Poor John is finally getting help but it's clear Maggie is still a big part of his life and recovery. Maggie is however caught in a love triangle of sorts, now that another man is asking for her attention so she of course talks it out to herself as only Maggie can. I must say the whole hot then cold act from John would turn me off in real life, but for Maggie, I'm hoping John just says the stupid words he needs to say so they can move ahead instead of ten million steps backwards. Oh and gotta love the epic Maggie fails of falling, getting hit or biting her tongue. My only issue was the fact her Maggie's mom was so "bye girl. hope life treat you well, don't call" which seemed kinda mean, but perhaps it's only my view of the situation because I only wish my mom was so hands off, but we're hispanic and attached at the hip till eternity. So anyways if you're a Maggie Moore fan read this novel and be ready to know all of Maggie's woes concerning her hopes in love and her new life as a reporter. Can't wait for more of Maggie Moore!
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