Monday, April 4, 2016

Review: Never Stop Falling by Ashley Drew

My Rating:  📔📔📔📔📔
My Thoughts: Afraid Of Nothing Except Losing Her Love
      Amazing and sooo emotional, but beautifully written new adult novel that left me breathless. I quickly fell in love with the characters in this book and their struggles of taking that step in love. The story focuses on what love is and what it is too love someone as well as many family issues that make the story relatable on many levels.
      For eighteen years Corinne Bennett and Nicholas Kelley have been best friends. But beneath their amazing friendship is something they have both been denying, a chemistry neither can resist. After one night of finally allowing the chemistry to come out between them, Corinne's life drastically changes making her flee the pain and Nick. Six years later after losing touch, Corinne returns to town and is immediately drawn back to Nick. Problem is both Corinne and Nick are in serious relationships, but when it comes to their special connection it's clear no one else can complete them. So when Nick offers Corinne his heart, the question is will she being willing to take the leap to love despite all the risks involved?
       Overall, great new adult read. I loved the characters and relationship development. The story goes from present to past leading back to present while being told in dual narrative between the two main characters. My favorite character was definitely Corinne, she was sarcastic, vivacious and basically someone I'd love to hang with. She's the daredevil YOLO kind of girl, but with her heart, it's like Fort Knox. Reading about how Nick squeezed into her guarded heart and made Corinne a better person was so sweet. But the ending oh the ending!! It was so unexpected and yet beautiful as a reader I was pulled up and down with my emotions thinking the whole time "I better get my HEA or imma be extremely crushed!" (And probably pissed) The only way this book could have been better is for there to have been more mentions of Corinne and Nicks younger years shenanigans, because I'm sure they would have been epic and worth reading. So if you are looking for a story about a girl not afraid of anything except giving her whole heart away to a boy she knew since childhood who lets her know he is absolutely in love with her, than this book will be worth a read.

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