Tuesday, November 22, 2016

NEW BOOK OUT!!- "Hole Hearted" by Melissa Pearl

by Melissa Pearl
Penned Series: "Time Spirit Trilogy", "The Elements Trilogy","The Fugitive Series", "The Masks Series", "The Space Between Heartbeats" and "Songbird Novels", 
as well as "Mica & Lexy Series" (Co-Authored with Brenda Howson)

Book 9, in The Songbird Series
"Hole Hearted"
Genre: Contemporary Romance.
Price: $2.99 ebook (at time of post)
Book Link: Click Here
Cassie Grayson doesn’t know how to be a mom. She’s twenty-two and hardly in a position to care for a kid. But when her twelve-year-old nephew is dumped in her lap, she does the only thing she can: she takes him in. 

Neither of them have it easy as they try to navigate this unknown path. Cassie must deal with her feelings toward her estranged sister and her own rocky childhood growing up in the foster care system. Felix is still reeling from being uprooted from the only life he’s ever known, and he doesn’t connect with his weird, emotionless aunt. The only person who seems to breach the gap between them is Troy Baker, the counselor assigned to Felix. 

To Troy, Felix and Cassie should be just another case, but they’re not. Something about the hopeless duo captures his heart, and in spite of his hesitation he finds himself falling for both of them. Felix’s quiet strength is endearing, but it’s Cassie’s determination to not let her nephew down that chips away at his own walls, daring him to more than just help her…but maybe fall in love as well. 

Can three strangers from completely different worlds create an unlikely family? Or are the hidden holes in their hearts too big to heal?
Chapter 2: (Felix)
       Cancer was eating my mother alive. They should have just said that, because it was the truth. Mom used to be like the sun— bright and vibrant, shining with a warmth you couldn’t escape from, even if you were in a bad mood. 
       Now she was a soft glow. Her heart was still big and beautiful, but she didn’t have the energy to beam anymore.
       She spent the first year denying it. Swearing that chemo and radiation and operations would cure her. They did for a while, but the cancer always came back, more pissed off than before. 
       Adjusting her thick glasses, Mom sniffed and gave me a smile.
       It was one of her closed-mouth ones, which meant she was doing everything she could to keep it in… to hide the pain. 
       I couldn’t say anything. I just held her hand and stared at her. 
       She’d been making a lot of phone calls lately. She always tried to hide it, but the last couple of days when I arrived after school she was finishing up a call. I wanted to yell at her to stop planning for the future, but I wasn’t stupid. She was getting prepared. 
       I swallowed.
       The day before, she was saying goodbye to her lawyer as I walked in. I knew it was him because she said, “Thanks so much, Gerry.” And I only knew one Gerry. 
       I didn’t know who she’d just finished talking to, but it’d made her kind of emotional. 
       Usually she told me everything, but something was off. Whoever she told this address to was someone she hadn’t seen in a really long time. I could tell by the jittery way Mom pinched her lower lip into a V shape. 
       She hadn’t told me much about her past. I knew her dad died when she was five and her mom died when she was ten. Then she was put into foster care. I knew she had a sister, but they were separated before I was born. I didn’t know how. I’d never met my Aunt Cassie, so either Mom couldn’t find her or they had some bad blood running between them. 
       I wondered what it’d be like to have a brother or sister. For the last twelve years, it’d been me and Mom. I didn’t mind so much. But when I found out she was going to die for real… I haven’t stopped feeling lonely since. When she went, I was gonna have no one, and I’d be an idiot to try and pretend like that didn’t scare the crap out of me. 
       Mom wouldn’t tell me what foster care was like. I asked once, and her skin went so white I thought she was going to pass out. She managed to stutter that it was tough and she didn’t like to dwell on it— whatever the hell that meant. I never asked her again, but I hoped my time in the system would be better than hers. 
       The system. 
       I shuddered, imagining how awful it was going to be. 
       “Are you okay?” Mom squeezed my hand. “Do you need a drink or something to eat?”
       I shook my head, trying to hide what I’d been thinking. “Nah, I’m good.” 
       She gazed at me then, her hazel eyes starting to glimmer. “You know what you do need to do?” 
       “Smile.” She touched my cheek, forcing my mouth up at the side. 
        I couldn’t do it. 
        How was I supposed to smile when all I felt like doing was crying? 
        “Remember how lucky we are, baby.” Mom’s voice shook with conviction. “Promise you’ll never forget it. Never stop being grateful for what you have. No matter where you go or what you end up doing with your life, there’s goodness in everything. Even if it’s just the smallest spark, I want you to find it.” 
         I’d heard the speech so many times before, but I couldn’t roll my eyes like I wanted to. I just stared at her and promised, “I will, Mom.”
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