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"Spotlight Saturday": Born Trilogy by A.E. Watson (Tara Brown)

"Born" (book 1)- Click Here
"Born to Fight" (book 2)- Click Here
"Reborn" (book 3)- Click Here

Confused a bit as to who's writing this trilogy? Don't be, it's Tara Brown in her Y.A. form, but as Tara herself put it, "AE WATSON - My pen name for Young Adult books. BORN, HERE, The Seventh Day, White Girl Problems, The Light Trilogy, Vengeance, etc. This is my page that is safe for YA readers of a mature reading level who enjoy a wide variety of genres. I do not write for people who don't like a little suspense with a lot of fighting and a heavy dose of sarcasm."

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My Thoughts: Born to be Bought, Read, and Enjoyed!

BUY THIS SERIES!! Especially when it's Tara Brown . . I mean A.E. Watson books, seriously the trilogy is worth the price and time. This is an Amazing series that I personally took waaaay too long to read. I bought the series on a whim just cause they were written by Tara Brown and kept putting them off and pushing the series further down my TBR list of books. BUT then one day I was like hmm why not? I love this author's other books, why wouldn't I like this? Plus everyone raves about this series, while I just go, Born what?! So I read them and WOW!! I mean WOW!! I completely get what all the fuss is about, this series is just heart pounding, what will happen next I gotta read this till it's over or read this till the end even if I get a book hangover but I don't care cause it's just THAT good!!! *deep breathe and lets it out.

Now if you still aren't convinced by my fangirl enthusiasm as to why you should buy this book series. Let me bring you a more serious tone then. This series begins with a girl named Emma and her best-friend, neigh, her companion, Leo, who is a wolf. These two are all each other have in a world destroyed by a disease. Readers follow Emma on her journey as she comes into contact with other humans and you see into the world she lives in. She was raised by her father to be a survivalist and it is his training, and her own nature, that gives her the ability to survive and endure the plagued world.

Emma is a survivalist to her core, which is great when the human race is threatened by a zombie like disease. In being on her own she learned to survive and depend on no one else, that is until a sister and brother come to her for help, and Emma slowly decides to let them into her life that was once one of solitude. It's through Emma's experiences of learning to accept help and love from the people she comes into contact with throughout the books, that she learns what it means to be truly human and what a family is. Emma becomes a strong leader who with the help of fellow survivors eventually helps lead some through this strange Dystopian world to make a new world.

Overall, this series is a great YA series that is filled with action, suspense, love, family, and will keep readers thrilled and involved till the end. A.E. Watson is amazing at capturing readers interest, not just in the story-line but in the character's emotions too. Readers will love the characters, hate some, cry over others (warning keep tissues on stand-by) and ultimately hope for their happily ever after, even if the world is a disaster. I should also note that as of now Tara, due to popular demand has an alternate ending book out for those that couldn't accept the original ending. Personally, I for one have never read said alternate ending, because I believe the original ending to be the truth of the books and don't want to tarnish my love for the ways things turned out. However, if you'd like to grab a copy of the 40 page alternate ending for $0.99 here's the link: click here.  Bottom line this trilogy is great and should be given a chance, take a read into this world of Emma, Leo and those who become her family and you will be thoroughly entertained.
"Born" (book 1)
 Price: $0.99 ebook (at time of post)
Listed Rating: 📔📔📔📔. 3
 Book Link: Click Here
"Born to Fight" (book 2)
Price: $1.99 ebook (at time of post)
Listed Rating: 📔📔📔📔 📖
Book Link: Click Here
"Reborn" (book 3)
Price: $2.99 ebook (at time of post)
Listed Rating: 📔📔📔📔 📖
Book Link: Click Here

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