Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Hey, BOOK IT OUT!! - Price Drop

In the House of Five Dragons 
by Erica Lindquist and Aron Christensen
Price dropped as of May 13, 2015
from $4.95 to $1.99 (that's a 59% Price Drop)
My Blog Review:  March 2, 2015 

ALSO . . . 
King Sized Beds and Happy Trails (Beds Series Book 1) 
by Becca Ann and Tessa Marie
Price dropped as of April 16, 2015
from $2.99 to $0.99 (that's a 66% Price Drop)
My Blog Review: January 20, 2015
**Note: The whole series has dropped to $0.99, 
but I don't know for how long**

Love's True Second Chance by Jeff Dawson
Price dropped as of April 15, 2015
from $4.27 to $3.27 (that's a 23% price drop)
My Blog Review: March 30, 2015

**Note "King Sized Beds..." & "Love's True..." have been on sale for a couple weeks now, so hurry before they're back to full price.**

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