Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Hey, COVER REVEAL!!- "First Kiss" by Tara Brown

Release Date: 
Genre: Young Adult, Fairytales.
Price: N/A (at time of post)
Book Link: N/A (at time of post)

A girl. 
A curse. 
A kiss. 

The Lakes are not only famous for founding the small town of Lakeland, but also for killing off any man who would dare love them. 

Just one little kiss and he will perish, or so the rumors say. 

Erralynn Lake has never been a fan of rumors, or Lakeland. 

She can’t wait to move away and spread her wings. 

But as she plans her escape, an unlikely cold wind blows into town, bringing with it something wicked. 

Things crawl from the shadows with stories of a curse, a girl, and a kiss. And nothing makes sense. 

Because Erralynn Lake isn’t who she thinks she is. 

And Lakeland isn’t her real home. 

It fact, it might not be anyone’s real home. 

Crawl into the fairytale that will leave you wishing there was a rabbit to follow through the insanity.

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