Thursday, July 14, 2016

Hey, NEW BOOK OUT!!- "The Seeker" by Pamela DuMond

by Pamela DuMond
Penned Series: Annie Graceland Cozy Mystery Series, Mortal Beloved Time Travel Series, and The Ladies-in-Waiting Series.
AND single novel: "The Story of You and Me" and "Staying Young: Simple Techniques to Look and Feel Young".

Book 3, in The Mortal Beloved Time Travel Series
"The Seeker"
Genre: Young Adult, Romance, Time Travel. 136 pages.
Price: $3.99 ebook (at time of post)
Book Link: Click Here
Time Traveler. Seeker. Deceiver. Lies.

Madeline's a Messenger: time traveling across lifetimes and delivering messages that could change one life or many. 

She’s finally dating her true love, Samuel, in the present day, but when her new mentors send her on increasingly dangerous missions, the un-thinkable happens. 

Now Madeline must journey into the darkest corners of history seeking answers from the wisest Messengers and Hunters in the hope to reverse the consequences of her actions before Samuel, her mortal beloved, is lost for an eternity.

But tearing time’s fabric reveals hidden secrets and lies, and Madeline discovers she is part of a conspiracy much greater than she ever dreamed possible.
My Rating:  📔📔📔📔
My Thoughts: Lost And Then Found.
     This was one of the most confusing Mortal Beloved Time Travel books in the series, but it was also the most character revealing. If you haven't read the previous two books in the series do so or you will most certainly be lost. The story is a pivotal moment in the protagonist life and for the overall series, more is unveiled about the messengers purpose and world leaving me wanting to read more.
      Returning from her last time travel, Madeline has started training with her 3 mentors while still trying to get through school. Which means Madeline barely has time to revel in the fact she has Samuel, in her present time, as her boyfriend something she believed may never happen. So when prom comes around, Madeline is ready to enjoy it with Samuel and forget for a night her duties of being a messenger. But events unfold and something goes terribly wrong leaving Madeline in a coma at the hospital. It's while in the coma that Madeline will travel back and forth trying to fix what must be done to save lives and deliver the correct message to the right person before it's too late. However it's during her time travels, Madeline will find out who she really is and what her life is meant for.
      Overall, good read that had be wondering where and what it was leading to, but then the ending was great. A cliffhanger of sorts but revealed so much. Madeline grows in this book, she learns a lot about herself. Not just about her past or family but about her true mission in life. Madeline is no ordinary messenger and now she knows she is THE seeker. My only dislike was how jumbled the book felt at times but it's almost needed since Madeline is that lost until the end when she finds clarity. Oh and Samuel kinda pissed me off too, but just in the beginning, when he was txting at Prom like dude really?! And bringing up an Ex never a smooth move. But again this was a book about Madeline and her journey. I know we just got this book but I want the next book already. So if you've read the previous books you'll want to read this book too because secrets are revealed that will shock you.
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