Friday, February 5, 2016

"Friday Favs": Darkness Fair (The Dark Cycle, Book 2) by Rachel A. Marks

Genre: Young Adult, Occult, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Romance. 335 pages.
Price: $3.99 ebook (at time of post)
Publisher & Date: Skyscape. February 2, 2016.
Book Link: Click Here
Listed Rating: πŸ“”πŸ“”πŸ“”πŸ“” . 7 
Price I Paid: Zip,**I received a free copy in return for an honest review**
My Rating:  πŸ“”πŸ“”πŸ“”πŸ“”πŸ“”

My Thoughts: All's Fair In Love And War!

      Amazing sequel! I highly suggest re-reading the first novel "Darkness Brutal" to prepare yourself for this great follow up. Rachel A. Marks pulls you back into the paranormal and supernatural world she created set in our contemporary time, and the characters though young are no less intense and wonderful to follow amongst their personal and physical battles. I can't wait for the next novel to see what will happen to everyone and the world. 
      Learning to adapt to his new body and powers after his awakening, Aidan wants nothing more than to discover a way to resurrect his little sister Ava. However, Aidan is continually caught in the battle between the forces of Light and Darkness, who see him as a weapon to be either used or destroyed. Meanwhile, Aidan is falling more in love with Kara, but when his heart also seems connected to Rebecca, their strange love triangle becomes more than complicated. The threat of the world's end is ever present for Aidan and his friends but the question always remains: do they have the strength, knowledge, powers, and time to stop whatever is coming? 
      Overall, great sequel! I was super excited to know the next book was coming and was not disappointed. This supernatural-end of days-young adult book is well crafted and very entertaining. I've always wondered why the dual narrative included Aidan and Rebecca, and in this novel you begin to see why thanks to a little soulmate link.*not spoiling anything more* The great part about this series is by allowing two perspectives, and them being a two genders, you get a very balanced cast. The females in this book are strong and not afraid of a fight which is great for their line of work. But I love how the girls deal with the boys and their relationships, they are partners not willing to be lead or put aside but know the relationship has to be equal share and trust or it will falter and fail. Oh and the fight scenes in this book are edgy, I love the realism as the author made demons vs. Aidan read with so intensity. So if you are looking for a great young adult read dealing with demons, Angels, spells, and spirits which are taken care of by a boy not of his time and a crew of kids with supernatural abilities calling themselves the LA Paranormal, then this series is worth a read.

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