Wednesday, February 3, 2016

"Wed's Wonderings & Wanderings": Being Sick Sucks! Don't Spread The Germs.

So I'm extremely behind on all my reading thanks to my loving family who decided they just had to spread the germs around. I seriously do not know how it's possible but we managed to all, well except my brother, get sick in a span of a month four different ways. First my sister got the flu, then my dad got some cold cough thing that lasted two weeks and then my mom found out her thing for the past week was bronchitis. So now here I am at home nursing a blasted head cold somewhat hating all of them for not covering their dang mouths. 

I mean really I had hoped to avoid the flu, which I technically did, but being sick is just miserable. Especially because of where I work, to call in sick is harder than calling in to say you're dead. Wish I was kidding but I'm not. So instead I headed to work feeling like death while trying to help people without getting too pissed off because I feel like crap and they obviously can't know that.

Now the only funny thing to come of this month of sicknesses as I've deemed it is the observation of the various ways my family deals with being sick. My sister was all for being taken care of but she happened to be sick when all of us were busy and had to be at work so she was left alone. My father likes to be left alone to wallow in his misery but is constantly mothered by us women in his life. While I always try to pretend like I'm not sick but end up looking like I'm dead so I'm pushed back into bed to sleep. Then there is my mom who turns into a child demanding we cater to her because she is sick. Now if my brother had been home instead of at college free from the germs, I'm sure he would have been sick too and when he gets sick his default is to be babied by mom and play video games.

After reading various novels and re-experiencing what it's like to be sick and what it's like to take care of my ill family members, I've realized you really get a raw feel for a person when their ill because taking of them is definitely no easy task when they are at their worst physically. Also if you're dating someone take note of how they care for someone that is ill, if they show great patience and care in taking of their sick loved ones they are truly keepers. 

So hope you all stay germ free as best you and if you find yourself on the receiving end of the spreading "love", then enjoy your sick time. Oh and laugher really is the best medicine, unless your throat hurts then you may not wanna laugh too much, but laughing does lift your mood up immensely.

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