Wednesday, February 17, 2016

"Wed's Wonderings & Wanderings": Scoring Concert Tickets

There is such a thrill about nabbing those coveted concert tickets and the anticipation of waiting for the actual concert day is exciting, especially when you're going with your best friend, sibling, special someone or basically anyone who will appreciate the event as much as you. The only problem with today's way of obtaining tickets is the process seems to make it practically impossible for a normal person to get said tickets. Oh and if you do get a ticket it is super rare for them to be decent seats.

My mom and dad have regaled me with their tales of the "past" telling of how they would obtain their concert tickets. My rents and their friends would go in groups down to the concert venue's box office before sunrise and wait till sales time. So from before sunrise till the tickets were sold out they would sit together and apart in groups to be selected with wristbands. If they were given a wristband that would mean they were closer to getting a ticket. From there the grouped wristbands would be given numbers as to what order they would be in for ticket buying. Sooo if my mom got in Group C and my dad was in Group M, they'd ditch my dad's spot and hand my mom the money so she could nab the better tickets. This system was temperamental but a group effort, though my parents did occasionally get into the first groups and got really great seats for some great bands.

But alas, now a days to get great seats one must have really great internet connection, a really fast computer, be an extremely fast clicker, Aaaand have a whole lot of luck. I usually have to use side websites for purchasing tickets, because trying to buy the tickets straight from the source at the original price is practically impossible. Okay I will admit for certain musicians, and venues, tickets do seem easier to obtain than others. But for the big name headlining stars the tickets are super hard to get which makes the idea of concerts somewhat disheartening. 

Honestly, I'm still on a bit of a sadness trip from once again striking out on a chance to see Adele. It's my mission to see her live before I reach 25, kinda funny because she's on tour for her album 25. Anyways to say I'm a fan is a sad understatement, so the fact that I couldn't nab tickets after about 8 hours of wait time online still makes me pissy. The fact that I can go to side sites and get a single ticket at $500 for the nosebleed section which doesn't assuage my ire at the injustice of the current ticket system. Seriously people are jerks who resell their tickets at such outrageous prices.

Still with all that said, or ranted, I'll still be one of those people clicking away at my computer vying for tickets when my favorites are on tour. Concerts offer that chance to see your idols live, hearing them in person, maybe even meeting them. All of which is something simply stalking them on tv, radio, and all media sources won't enable you. Plus when you go to a concert with someone those memories become priceless. So really despite it all concerts will probably remain one of my white whales in life.

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