Friday, February 20, 2015

"Friday Favs": Faith (Soul Savers Book 7) by Kristie Cook

Genre: SciFi, Fantasy, Dystopian, Paranormal. 335 pages
Price: $2.99 ebook (at time of post)
Publisher & Date: Ang'dora Productions, LLC. February 16, 2015
Book Link: Click Here
Listed Rating: 📔📔📔📔 . 9
Price I Paid: $2.51 (pre-ordered price on January 12, 2015)
My Rating: 📔📔📔📔

My Thoughts: Faith, Love, Letting Go and Letting God!!

        Oh Kristie Cook the agony, the tears, the heartbreak and the years all totally worth it after reading this final book in the series! OMG, I cried again at so many parts. Seriously normally I devour books, however this book took me a whole 5 days to get through, not because it was awful, on the contrary it was amazing! I was just super reluctant to see this amazing series end. I literally tried reading at the beach, in the comfort of my bed on a lazy day but when that didn't help either I tried my favorite spot on the couch, all to no avail. I even tried reading while grocery shopping with my mom, but nothing could keep me from feeling that hesitant sensation that THIS was it! I was soo overly excited that upon downloading the book I immediately felt sad because it was the last book. Too much of a fan I suppose BUT I was so happy I finished it finally, because Kristie did not disappoint and she left a little something something in the end to leave me excited and happy for more. 
      Basically the world is destroyed and Lucas is ruling what's left of it with the Daemoni and Demons. Alexis is proven to be dead, but not quite, and has to endure a trial or two to find herself and some Faith to get out of Hell. Tristan, the poor man, only wants to be with his love and find his son, but readers are shown his side of things in this book via his perspective, as this book is written in a duel narrative (which I loved). Together Tristan and Alexis try to find what's left of humanity and the Amadis, while searching for their son, Dorian, who sets off to accomplish what he thinks is his preordained destiny. Meanwhile Alexis through this book finds out that Faith and Love is all you need to make it in a dark world, because thinking you are all alone will truly keep you alone and defeated with no sense of hope.
      Overall loved the book, it was emotionally packed and I was absolutely happy with the conclusion. Warning to any potential reader, you must read the 6 previous books in the series before reading this book or you will be lost. Seriously loved books 1-7, plus the side books, and even though I've shed tears because of  these books, I'm happy for those tears being shed, because that's a sign of a good book. If a book or series doesn't get you emotionally involved then it's flat with no real substance and this series is sooo not flat. Oh and I'm so looking forward to what looks promised at the end of the book, so read this concluding book and see what Kristie has Cook-ing for her readers, I know I'm excited!

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