Wednesday, February 25, 2015

"Wednesday's, Wonderings & Wanderings": Museums and Art Galleries

    A couple weeks ago I took my BFF to the Getty Center in Los Angeles for her birthday. Now that was a treat for both her and myself, because she was turing 24 and wanted a day out, while as for myself I had never made it out to that Getty location, so I was up for the adventure.

      Let me state that I love art and LOVE history, so museums are a place where the two subjects meet. Seriously I can take hours perusing every inch of the museum looking at everything. So my friends and family that go or are dragged there with me know it will be a long day.  In fact my favorite section is the ancient history era anything pertaining to Greeks, Romans or Egyptian am automatically glued to the glass cases. Oh and if the place has anything with ancient indigenous Indians like the Mayans or Aztecs, then I get just as absorbed into that as well. That's why my favorite place to visit is the Getty Villa up the coast on P.C.H in Malibu. It's built to be modeled after a Roman Villa and it's just a gorgeous place filled with ancient art and antiques.

     Now as for art galleries I find them so beautiful, intriguing and inspiring. I don't like calling myself an artist per say, because compared to true artists I feel like my art is subpar. However, I do love to draw, take photos and take to the pen occasionally. So going to art galleries always makes me feel good, because I get to see true art displayed all in one place from modern to old well know artists. Grant it sometimes I have no clue why things are called art, but most of the time I go with it. Especially since most of my own art is abstract, so shapes and colors are my aesthetic language.

Exhibit from LACMA *not my work
        I have 3 favorite moments concerning art that always stick out, subsequently they are from my time studying abroad in Europe. Number one was me just staring for 30mins straight at the Van Gogh Sunflower painting. Last I knew, it was hosted at the National Gallery Art Gallery in London and it's just so gorgeous I just stood there and stared taking it in. It was my first and thus far not my last Van Gogh painting that I have been blessed to see in person. I have found that Van Gogh paintings are just so odd up close, yet so defined and dare I say normal from afar that you can't help but be mystified by them. The next was the Da Vinci's Mona Lisa located in the Louvre Museum in Paris, loved that place, but the Mona Lisa was definitely a highlight. Seriously, I took a selfie with it and it's still an art work that I look back at and think "You know, it's not as big as you think it is." And last but certainly not least, I must name the entire Sistine Chapel painted by Michelangelo located in the Vatican City of Rome, Italy. Ugh, I soooo miss Rome but being in that Sistine Chapel was amazing the whole Vatican was amazing but that chapel, Wow! No pictures were allowed, but I snuck a few, they aren't the best but hey I had to try. I just remember staring up at the ceiling, looking at the famous scene where Adam is reaching out to God and God is reaching out to Adam. The tension in the moment is so real that staring at it for more than 10 mins you feel like they almost move and could touch by just moving a smidge more. Like I said loved it and it's space is just splendid that it leaves you in awe at Michelangelo's skill as a painter and artist.

     Well I suppose in the end I think I prefer museums over art galleries, mostly because I have a deeper love of history. Plus in museums they tend to keep a few pieces of art on hand displayed, so you're not only seeing artifacts but art too, because art is big part of history. Don't get me wrong I will always be up for going to galleries, but contemporary work is shall I say interesting. So I've found that trying to figure out modern art is rather half the fun of attending any art gallery. Plus thanks to my location in L.A. there are tons around to go in and peruse when I have a free day and willing companion, I find that's harder to find a willing friend.

So I wonder, which is more your cup of tea, museum or art gallery?

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