Wednesday, February 18, 2015

"Wednesday's, Wonderings & Wanderings": The Beach and My Other Great Reading Places

Where do you love to read?

I find that can read anytime, anywhere, day or night, literally. I'm a night owl by both choice and occupation, so bed time reading and book hangovers are a common thing to me, especially if the book is fantastic and I just can't put it down.
Seriously I'm not a drinker of alcohol so I don't get hangovers from that, but books that's my poison. I've definitely done the whole asking myself should I call into work cause I only got like a few hours sleep after reading that book last night. You know since I read that whole book when I only told myself, 'Oh, I'll just read a chapter or two', but then it turned into a few more chapters and so on, till I finished the entire book and then it was 5am. So meanless to say reading before bed for me is actually rather bad for me since it's never just one chapter usually, but I do it anyways.
One place I L-O-V-E to read is the beach, if you couldn't tell by the title and pic. Living in SoCal offers many beach options up and down the coast, the other plus is the weather can be usually very warm year round offing a perfect space to relax. I was able to venture there this past Monday on President's day, both my friend and I brought books to just enjoy the day while my brother and his girlfriend took to the water. The only thing that ruined my reading was the seagulls trying to steal my cheesepuffs, those birds are just downright rude!
My other comfort space is my aforementioned, or implied, spot on my bed, wrapped in my billions of blankets listening to music and enjoying a new or past favorite book. That is my moment of relaxation, peace and quiet, especially if my family is out of the house at work and school and I'm all alone, then its just down right heaven. Oh and if its downcast outside or even raining that makes the moment even more perfect. Those are rare days but great days that I call myself lazy and relish them cause I don't get many, but I enjoy them fully when I'm granted the few I do get.
The truth of it all is reading to me is more than an activity, I find it's more a practice than just a common pastime. Well for me at least. Sure I can run away and go to my favorite places to set the mood for reading, but in all reality I can't always stop life all the time to just read. Most of the time I read while doing something, like cooking, working out, cleaning, or even between writing a paper as an incentive to finish said paper. Either way if you are a reader you will find a way to read even when you can't read in your "spot", but it is great to have those spots. We readers just need to make sure we keep reading because if we stop, well the world won't, but a world of dreamers and people of great imaginations will stop breathing and living, bit dramatic, sorry. Writers write, artist paint, singers sing, readers read, we all play part in the artistry of life. So read on readers wherever you are, anywhere you are, remember books don't read themselves.

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