Friday, June 26, 2015

"Friday Favs": The End of Me (The Single Lady Spy Series Book 1) by Tara Brown

Genre: Mystery, Romance, Suspense. 278 pages.
Price: $0.99 ebook (at time of post)
Publisher & Date: Amazon Digital Services, Inc. December 6, 2013
Book Link: Click Here
Listed Rating: 📔📔📔📔 . 6
Price I Paid: $1.00 on May 10, 2013
My Rating: 📔📔📔📔📔

My Thoughts: Slightly Disturbing But Super Enthralling 

     This story is just a big ol' mess of yikes that you can't stop reading! Tara Brown is the only author who makes me want the seriously bad guy to win the heart of the girl whom he's basically mind-f'in and emotionally screwing up. You'll either finish this book completely addicted or a bit confused, okay more likely bit of both, but that's because this story is unlike anything I've ever read and so are the characters.
     Upon the news of her husband's death, Evie Evans finds herself a thirty-eight year old widow with a ten year old son and a five year old daughter. Evie has no tears of love to shed for her late husband James, whose infidelities caused her eyes to open to how much her life had changed over the past ten years of marriage. She loves her kids but realized her job as a mom is all she was now. A lawyer comes and delivers news that James was a rogue spy who dealt with an arms dealer who now owns Evie and all that she has including herself until James debt is paid. Evie is quickly thrown back into her old life of Counter Intelligence, being handled by a young hotshot named Cooper and his team, Luce and Jack. Coop is harsh on Evie putting it plain that she isn't equipped to handle a man like Gustavo Servario. Evie goes begrudgingly to Servario out of fear for herself and family, meeting a man who is unlike any she has known before to try and garner info from him. Servario is the proverbial "bad guy" but he says and does stuff to Evie that makes her think he might just like her and isn't using her as a plaything, despite the dirty things they do together. When events unfold and plans with secrets are discovered concerning a top secret project called Burrow, is somehow linked to Evie; Armed with her CI crew and Servario, Evie knows she must tie up loose ends if she ever hopes to have a chance at a normal life. 
      Overall, I really love this book and I almost can't explain why. Evie is literally spiraling into an abyss of angry depression concerning her dead cheating husband. Then when she's called back into serve her country and finds out she was basically bartered to Servario by her superiors, she gets mad and decides to take control instead of being controlled. Evie at her best is nuts the girl can't figure out if she wants to just go full spy lady or back to momma full time, with Servario she sees she's worth something. I think that maybe why I'm strangely rooting for Servario and Evie, though their relationship is probably toxic, it's still based on something of real feelings, at least I believe Servario's are real. Evie is lost emotionally and basically has out dated knowledge for most of the story, so as a reader you follow her as she gets back into the life of a spy and see her crack a few secrets all while she muddles through her emotions. If it sounds intriguing, grab the book, and try to understand Evie's mess.

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