Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Birthday Quest Answers and Winners Announcement!

Question #1. 
What is my username on 
Amazon and Goodreads Accounts?

Question #2. 
True or False: I love reading at the beach?
True, I live in SoCal after all. 

Question #3. 
Based on this and that comments and posts: How many siblings do you surmise I have?
2: 1 sister and 1 brother, I'm the eldest. I call them my bookend siblings, I had to have one of each. 

Question #4.
When was my accident that stopped me from blogging for a time? 
February 27th 
(but I took Feb as an answer) 

Question #5. 
 What is my favorite romance book of all time? 
Jane Eyre
Best romance book ever! 

Question #6.
What was my major in college? 
I'm a research nerd & can speed read.  

Question #7.
Where did I spend my time studying abroad? 
London, England.
(I took England as an answer) 

Question #8.
What was my first book reviewed on
 Amazon and my blog? 
Amazon:"Turning Point" by Tiffany Snow 
Blog:"Part-Time Princess" by Pamela DuMond

Question #9.
Hard one: Now how old am I turning?

**Bonus Question**
Which book is the first book to receive a 

rating from me? 
"Keeper vs. Reaper" 

Prize #1: Ophelia Q.
Prize #2: Erin D.

Congrats! Hope Everyone's week is grand. Mine has been quite busy. I'm still planning my bday weekend, but my friends are all excited for the maze room so fingers crossed I can get day off work. 

Now I did however mange to watch a great movie on my bday, "The Man From U.N.C.L.E". It's basically Bond meets get Get Smart, loved it. If you are into retro spy movie, gorgeous men and humor that movie is a great flix.

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