Wednesday, September 16, 2015

"Wed's Wonderings & Wanderings": BIRTHDAYS!!

With my birthday drawing near I can't help but recall my past birthdays including my first birthday. So I'd thought I'd dig up a few photos and share the memories. I'm sure everyone remembers a few birthdays, but I can clearly recall all my bdays since my 4th birthday. My wonderful parents have strived to make each of our birthdays special and unique, down to whatever theme we would want that year or "destination" we'd chose to go to. Now brother's birthday is in August, so the rule was his birthday comes first, and then we could talk about and plan mine. Lucky for my sis, her bday is in January, so all she had to worry about was Christmas and New Years getting in the way of her bday, Oh and rain, it always rains on her bday.

September is an awesome month to have a birthday because when your birthday falls during the beginning of school it's the perfect time to throw a party before the homework starts piling up. Now, I truly hate the part of being the center of attention, but I love to have parties. So having a birthday is the perfect excuse to have your parents throw you a big bash! And really who doesn't like to party? Or at least gather their friends all in one place to laugh and just have a good time.

Two of my most memorable parties were: my 5th bday party, I had a huge sleepover (like 14 girls huge) were we did nails, facials, baking pizza and cookies, staying up playing board games into the night till we crashed watching a cool movie (at the time) "It Takes Two." It totally had to be an Olsen twins movie back in the day. Then for my 22nd bday I threw a big throw back 2yr old party complete with a bounce house, cake and piñata. Let me tell ya having a bunch of twenty year olds jumping in a bouncer is quite hilarious. Best part was watching everyone try to whack the piñata while blindfolded, a LOT of missed swings, in fact one of our front hedges is still growing back and it's going to be two years now since that party.

All in all at the core of every birthday party the thing I love most is knowing my friends were united in one thing . . . FUN. Basically, I use my parties to unite all my friends from my different areas of my life. It's the one day I can ensure my school friends will meet my cousins who will meet my family friends who will meet my team mates and so on. So now with everyone being all grown-up with various jobs and careers, I love using my birthday as a reprieve from humdrum life and a chance to really reconnect with my friends. So try to make your birthday special either for yourself, someone special or those you love, because birthdays are fun and a party is always something worth planning. Just remember life is life and you should take the time to celebrate making it through another year with the people you love and hold dear.

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