Friday, September 4, 2015

"Friday Favs": Bound By Blood by Danielle Burdon and Kimberly Hoyt

Genre: Paranormal, Romance, Vampires, Time Travel. 423 pages.
Price: $3.99 ebook (at time of post)
Publisher & Date: Wildbloom Press. September 10, 2010.
Book Link: Click Here
Listed Rating: 📔📔📔📔 📖
Price I Paid: $0 (got it FREE on March 7, 2012)
My Rating:  📔📔📔📔📔 

My Thoughts: Greatly Enjoyable For Those Into Vampires, Romance and Time Travel.

       I loved this book! This book took me by surprise in being completely unique and captured my taste for a nice bit of romance, tasteful vampires and historical fiction. Strange combination of genres but the authors take the reader on a great story with characters I just didn't want to say bye to, even with that cute ending. Intrigued? Good.
       Told in a dual person perspective, the female main character is Laurel Mayfield. Recently moved from a small town in Kansas to Sperling, Pennsylvania; Laurel hopes to save her money while working at the local renovated bar called Mystic so she can finally head to the grand city of New York. However, It's living in the city of Sperling that brings a sense of intrigue and mystery as something seems off to Laurel but she can't figure out what exactly. Laurel has a run in with a would be attacker and is saved by a man whom she can't help but feel taken with despite having just met him. Sebastian Thorn is known as the prince among his kind, he's been around for ages, but it's this one female that seems to capture him like no other. When Laurel finds out who and what Sebastian is events take place, history is witnessed, and maybe rewritten. At the center of it all Sebastian and Laurel find themselves trying to stay together even as their lives are threatened and danger arises when they can no longer tell friend from foe. 
      Overall, love this story, it's long but it has to be so you can understand every awesome thing! Sebastian is a awesome and the definition of a knight in shining armor, he is always out to help the damsel in distress which literally gets him imprisoned and punished big time. So seeing how he rescued the right damsel who is just as self sacrificing is refreshing for a romance because their relationship was a healthy balance. Oh and as a history nerd I loved the times Laurel was in the Tudor time period, because it felt authentic. Sometimes time travel story's get too far off into the fantasy or fiction, but the authors kept those scenes historical as fictionally possible. There is sooo much more I'd say about this story but I won't spoil the good parts. So if you like vampires who save a woman they have a connection to but can't figure out why and the woman will do anything including travel through time to save her man than all the while conspiracies and vampire politics are boiling in the not to subtle background, than this book would be good to try.

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