Thursday, September 10, 2015

Birthday Question Quest for Prizes!

Happy Birthday to me!
Feliz Cumplenoes to me! 
I'm still in my twenties, 
So Let's see what this year will unfold
Okay so my birthday hasn't occurred yet, but in less than 2 weeks on September 23rd, I will turn another year older. So in celebration of ending my golden year I've decided that I want to end it with a bang. Last year I had my friends do a Neon Dash 4k run with me. It was a lot of fun and messy, my friends text me the next day saying they were really pooped and super sore from all the laughing, dancing and partial running we did. So this year I thought I'd take it easy on them and exercise their brains instead of their bodies. I'm putting us all in a maze room where we have an hour to solve puzzles to get the answer and get out. Oooo I'm super excited!! Anyways, because I can't have everyone, including those interested in my blog, join in on the fun. I decided to make a little quest for y'all to earn a couple gifts.

Prizes Upon Quest Completion

1st Prize:
 $9.23 amazon card, 
plus any ebook of choice

2nd prize:
  Any ebook of choice

**Note: any ebooks I've reviewed are open for choosing, 
NOT including box sets** 

Contest Explanation:
Simply put there will be a total of 9 questions and a bonus question. Answer all, or as many as you can, and send your answers in by midnight on the 22nd of Sept. Those with the highest number of correct answers will be entered into the random drawing to win the 1st and 2nd place prizes. I will then announce the winners on September 23rd via a blog post and by email. 

Starting tomorrow on Sept 11, I will post a new question each day, except for Sundays, which will relate to me and a blog post in someway. If you've read most of my posts the questions will seem easy, if not you may need to search a bit. Hence the quest and brain challenge of the whole "experience". 

When you're ready to turn in all your answers to my lovely questions send your hard work to my blog email address: 
Make sure you put the heading of "BDay Quest Answers" or something to that affect. I don't want your answers lost amongst the emails.

Good luck y'all!

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