Wednesday, March 30, 2016

"Wed's Wonderings & Wanderings": Easter Egg Hunt!

This past Sunday was Easter and with Easter comes the ever exciting tradition of the egg hunt. I know we are not the only family in the country or world for that matter who indulges in this tradition, but I think we may be the oldest group to hunt for eggs. My cousins and I are all adults, the "baby" in our family is my brother and he just turned 18 this past August.

My grandparents love to bless us grandkids with money BUT they do love to make us work for it. So my grandma takes a lot of care and time in hiding the eggs and somehow each year we manage to miss one or find an egg from the year before. You'd think it'd be easy to find the eggs since it's the same front yard and backyard year after year, but no. My grandma is seriously great at hiding those eggs, she should work for the witness protection service, because she is super creative when it's comes to them it's kinda scary and funny. 
My grandma will even place the eggs amongst her various plants making us bend and reach like there is no tomorrow. All the while making us cousins think how the heck did our 4ft nothing grandma get an egg all the way back here?! My favorite spot where I found an egg this year was along the side of the house in a holes quare thing that was attached to the house. I had to stick my hand in there and pray to God no spiders were inside. I mean sure I could have left it or called for help, but if I did that my cousin or brother would have gotten it and I did want the egg so I blew at it and grabbed it.

See that's how competitive we make this "child's" activity in my family. It's every family member for themselves and yes a bit of violence ensues, JK  . . kinda. My cousin once hip checked me for an egg though she'll deny it. Even my parents get in on the egg hunt. The goal is to get as many eggs as possible but there is also the grand egg with the big cash in it. Sadly my cousin got it again this year but I finally got it last year which was a first.

Okay so now that you know how crazy my family's egg hunt is you can understand why I love it. Yeah it's crazy but it's the memories and jokes we throw at each other year round about the pending egg hunt that makes it something to look forward to even if we are all adults. I mean really who doesn't love competition, a little bit of money and family time? Because that's what our family's Easter egg hunt boils down to and I wouldn't change a single thing.

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