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Hey, It's A Book Tour for "Flying Away" by Caroline A. Gill

by Caroline A. Gill

Book 1, in The Flykeeper Chronicles
"Flying Away"
Genre: Young Adult, Dystopia, Paranormal. 204 pages.
Price: $2.99 ebook (at time of post)
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When Iolani Bearse was five years old, she lost her father to war. When she was nine, her mother died in a freak car accident. When Lani was fourteen, eerie green lights invaded, tearing her from the only home she had left.

Living as a runaway, dragging a horse and her cousin Eleanor across the countryside, Lani must learn to survive. Now Lani is the only person between the horrible, greedy lights and the last bit of family she has left. Her own heart is barely beating, but powerful memories pull her to Malcolm St. John. She fights what she feels, buried deep within her shattered soul.

Malcolm St. John always held his feelings in, especially about Iolani. So when she shows up on his doorstep, desperate and determined, Mal must decide if the wild tales she spins are the fragments of insanity or the last hope for a dying nation. This Lani is different from the child he knew. Something is coming for her, for him, and will not be stopped.

If the cousins and Malcolm can’t escape the grasping hunters who hound them, the future of a broken America will be destroyed. Everything Lani has ever loved will burn with them. Somehow, she must find a path through friendship and loyalty to save them all.
My Rating:  📔📔  📖
My Thoughts: Queen Of The Flies
       Honestly I wasn't sure what I was reading for about a third of the book and had to stop and read the book description to see if it was the right novel. I'm still unsure about the book due to it's strange plot format and storyline. However, there were a few things that kept me interested, but the whole story was overwhelming for a first novel.
         Awakening after an incident with her cousin Eleanor at the lake one night, Iolani 'Lani' Bearse, special connection with flies becomes more as they gifted her with their sight. Lani finds she can talk and see as they do. So when these strange people with lanterns appear to suck the life out of people Lani uses her powers of the flies to get herself and Eleanor to safety. The trouble is the only place Lani can think of as safe since her parents deaths and now grandparents murders is her old home town in Arizona where her old friend Malcolm 'Mal' St. John lives. Lani is sure Mal will believe her tales of the "Stealer" and their victims the "Dreamer". The more Lani travels the more she learns about herself, her family and the corruption of the world she lives in.
          Overall, it was okay. I felt lost for the first part of the book because I wasn't sure what I was even reading. Lani is lost and your lost so it's all a bit confusing. However, once Lani goes on the road with Eleanor and Mango(her horse) the story picks up. Basically the story is Lani figuring out herself and a government conspiracy. Once that becomes clear as being the main point the story makes more sense. Lani as a heroine is great very self sacrificing and all about family first, love that she was strong for her family even when the situation was unclear and dire. Now I was disappointed that we were never told how or when Lani got fly powers, it was hinted at but really something like that would be quite noticeable. Plus I just have too many questions about the flies and time/space travel abilities for me to really believe it, for now at least. My only other issue was the multiple subplots mixed into this opening book for the series. Just one angle would have sufficed and flushing it out would have been easier to understand, rather than having more subjects to cover and barely addressing them in one novel, even if the topics will be continued into the next books. So if you are looking for story about a girl who talks to flies and travels via horse and horsefly taking down bad guys who reap life with green lanterns, you may like to try this book.
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Caroline Gil
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Unusual stories attract me, ones in which the reader cannot easily see the ending or most of the journey. Visiting Rome during university studies, I found a simple truth sitting on buses, traveling all over the ancient city: the joy is in the Journey, in the people I meet, not in the destination. So, I write for you. I write for sanity. I write for chocolate and really good pizza.

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