Wednesday, March 16, 2016

"Wed's Wonderings & Wanderings": Rainy Days & Dad's Cookies

This past week we got the rain we've been promised for weeks. It rained one day for a good few hours, of course those few hours just happened to be when my sister and I were about to head out for froyo, but those plans obviously changed to soup and blankets instead. 

When it rains in SoCal it's like the world has ended. People suddenly can't remember how to drive, because either they drive like grannies or speed like nascar racers, neither are safe together with or without rain, which makes driving in the rain a pain in the butt. Plus the rain makes everything just seems so sad, without our sun it's like our spirits gone. We make jokes about it but its the truth we function best by solar power.
I know that when it rains all I want to do is stay home,  curl up in bed with a book and eat my family's special rainy day cookies. Since I was a kid my dad would bake these delicious oatmeal cookies with walnut, but ONLY when it rained! My friends even new about these cookies because when it did rain, that one day out of the year, they'd be after me at lunch to get one of my cookies. I swear those things are the bomb, but my papa holds to his rule that he won't make them for us unless it rains. Which in SoCal is like seriously maybe once a year, hence our current statewide drought. So when we see raindrops I run to turn on that oven. If you can't tell I pray for rain, but maybe for not all the right reasons. 

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