Wednesday, March 2, 2016

"Wed's Wonderings & Wanderings": Goodbye, My Loving Pet ♥

Today marks a week and a half since we had to say goodbye to our wonderful precious Zoe, or Zoey Girl as I liked to say. Actually, I used to call her stupid girl sometimes because she had such a dopey face when she ran, it was sooo cute but looked ridiculous. I loved how I could bend her ears back to make her look like Yoda or know that when I parked in the driveway shed run up to the gate and begin howling at me in conversation asking me to let her in since I was home. Now I can't even walk into our laundry room because that was her room or walk in the backyard because Zoey won't be there.

My "puppy" dog was 14 yrs and 9 months old at her passing making her almost a 100 in dog years. Up until the last few weeks of her life she had remained her usual puppy like self being full of life and spirit. But it wasn't until my dad mentioned it was time to do the right thing by our dog that I finally opened my eyes to the fact my Zoey wasn't herself. No longer was she running, howling or licking our faces; instead she would stare vacantly at us and not wagging her tail. 

So finally after much quarrel and denial, we decided to let Zoey go to find peace. That day was one of the hardest days I've endured. I've lost loved ones and this was just the same, Zoey had been a fixture in our family and lives for 14 years. When we first got her it was because a friend had just decided they didn't want her shortly after adopting her, so I immediately jumped at the chance for her, I was only 9 turning 10 at the time. So to grown up with her and to now come home and have my puppy not be here is a huge hole in our house.

People have told us we should start looking for a new dog. Ironically enough I had been looking into getting myself a puppy just a few months ago, but now it feels wrong. Logically I know there is a dog out there needing a loving owner and so I will eventually get another dog, but emotionally I'm not sure I'm ready yet. Zoey was never planned, she came into our lives a few years after the passing of my first dog Lucky, but boy did she fill our lives with joy only a pet can bring. 

From now on I will continue to miss my beautiful Zoey and accept that we will have to adjust our lives around to not having her in it from now, which will be emotional for a time. Zoey was perfect was the perfect fit to our family and an excellent dog, even when she got the entire house up at 2am trying to get that cat outside that only she smelled. We were blessed to own such a great dog who loved everyone, barked at dangerous things, hit us with her wagging tail, dug holes for no reason and killed rodents, birds and lizards like the mixed mutt she was. Love you my Zoey girl, I'll miss your dopey grin.  

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