Monday, October 5, 2015

Special Blog Week Ahead

So I know I went all book tour galore last week, but I promise after this week I will return to my previously scheduled programming. Last week was a fluke, but there was just one too many books that were too good to pass up and they all happen to be releasing around the same time. Hence all the book tours with review posts. Basically, in the future I've decided I will aim not to over BOOK myself, but really when the books are good they are good and have to be shared. 

Anyways, concerning this week I realized there is a special book coming out soon and with it's release the author is doing something very special with the funds made from the pre-orders. So I've decided to highlight the novel and the FREE short stories that preceded the novel during the whole week. So bear with this week before I get back to a more "regular" schedule, cause sharing is caring and I only want to share, especially when books are FREE. 

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