Thursday, July 9, 2015

Hey, CHECK IT OUT!!- The Misadventures of Maggie Moore (Volume One) by Michelle Graves

by Michelle Graves
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Penned Series: The Chronicles of Izzy Series.
**Note: Review post for The Chronicles of Izzy can be viewed on: May 25, 2015*

This volume contains the novella The Ship has Sunk, the short story The Trouble with Partners, and the full-length novel The Fear of Falling Flat.
Michelle Graves:
Michelle Graves is a self-proclaimed nomad, moving every two to three years with her husband the Army man, her beautiful daughter, and a fat tailless cat named Torri. When she is not writing away trying to purge her mind of yapping characters she can be found entertaining her daughter, attempting to craft (whilst trying not to injure herself with the glue gun), baking yummy treats, or reading. She admits to having a restless spirit and forces her family to go out on adventures whenever possible. They lovingly play along. 

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