Monday, July 20, 2015

Hey, NEW BOOK OUT!!- The End Of Tomorrow (The Single Lady Spy Series- Book 3) by Tara Brown

by Tara Brown
Penned Series: "Devil's Roses", "Born Trilogy", "End of Light", "Single Lady Spy Series", "Blood and Bone",  . . . etc. (She writes a lot)
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Genre: Mystery, Romance, Suspense.
Release Date: July 19, 2015
Book Price: $2.99 (at time of post)
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Book 3 in the Single Lady Spy Series 
The End of Tomorrow 

Just as things start to settle into a bit of a routine, a single phone call from a certain arms dealer halts everything.
 Evie's spy instincts kick into gear, putting being a parent on the back burner. 
But it's not the only thing taking a backseat to the mission. 
Evie's love life also takes a hit when Coop decides not to trust Servario's latest tip from the underworld, and accuses her of feelings Evie isn't sure she can deny. 
When Servario's information is confirmed by an attack on a major city, the team is once again swept up in the chaos that comes with protecting the Burrow. 
Only this time the mission isn't saving the Burrow from the usual suspects. This time it's saving the world from a young woman on the verge of creating something so deadly Evie isn't sure the Burrow should have it either. 
But could you end an innocent's life to stop them from ending everything, including tomorrow? 
Don't miss book three in the bestselling Single Lady Spy series!
**Note: This series is seriously 
for VERY mature readers only! Very dirty at parts, but Evie is a BA woman spy on a mission you can't help but want to read more about.**
"As per the usual this is a weird book. 
I am trying people, but that normal romance is just not in here. So I hate to warn you ALLLLL over again, but we have disturbing scenes, weird sex, a tiny bit of Stockholm and twists and turns that will have you cursing my name and staying up way past bedtime.  
I am sorry. I cannot write a cheesy chick book. I am flawed. 
If you read the Lonely, this book doesn't have any of the same elements and is a completely different storyline, but it's weird just the same - just not in the same way. It different in the way the Lonely was, not at all like my other novels. It is a contemporary and adult spy thriller meets erotica. 
This is not a normal romance. It is a nine book series, so there will be unanswered questions. There are themes that are erotic and filthy. Is it the dirtiest book out there, hell no. It's far more story than erotica. It's funny and I think you will relate to the characters. 
This is adult, not New Adult and not Young Adult. It is my first so be gentle... 
Enjoy the Ride!! 19+"
-Tara Brown
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