Monday, July 13, 2015

Hey, CHECK IT OUT!!- Vampire Ascension (The Vampires of Athens) by Eva Pohler

Vampire Ascension Cover reveal
Written by the Amazon bestselling author of The Gatekeeper's Saga, please help us celebrate the reveal of the epic conclusion to The Vampires of Athens by 
Vampire Ascension Puzzle Parts A
 To celebrate, we're giving away a Kindle Fire HD and a $25 Amazon gift card. We're also playing games and giving away other prizes, including signed paperbacks, the Athena Locket, and the Medusa T-shirt on July 13-14 on Facebook.  
Vampire Ascension Puzzle Parts B
Book Synopsis: 
  A teen from New York studies abroad in Athens and discovers that vampires and demigods are real at a time when war is brewing between them. 

After making friends on both sides, she unwittingly becomes a catalyst to an uprising, led by Dionysus, lord of the vampires. 

  In this final installment, Gertie, Jeno, and Hector struggle to bring a peaceful resolution to the war in Athens, but any success they make comes at great cost. 

How many more people must die for freedom and justice? 

The teens quickly learn that nothing is fair in love and war. 

Sometimes even love requires a terrible price.

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  Eva Pohler
Eva's Author Pic 2
   Eva Pohler is the Amazon bestselling author of The Gatekeeper's Saga, The Purgatorium Series, The Vampires of Athens Series, and The Mystery Book Collection. She also teaches writing and literature at a university in San Antonio, where she lives with her husband and three children.

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