Thursday, August 13, 2015

Stay Tuned for "Romance Thursday"

Sorry y'all but I will have the post for "Romance Thursday" up by tomorrow at 8am, it will just be a Friday Edition.  Reason, I signed up for a Review Blitz and totally biffed up my dates thinking the 14th was a Thursday and instead, to my utter dismay, it was in fact a Friday. Do I feel dumb? Yep, but I'm dead tired and this week is very busy for me with work, more work and preparing for my baby brother's 18th bday party this Saturday. (Yes, he will always be my baby bro no matter his age.) So, I hope and pray everyone else is having a much more calm week than mine has been, which I'm hoping yours included a ton of uninterrupted reading time. Aahhhh the dream *sigh.

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