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"Misc. Monday" (Wed. Edition): The Misadventures of Maggie Moore [Volume One] by Michelle Graves

Genre: Romantic Comedy and Woman's Fiction. 256 pages.
Price: $3.99 ebook 
Publisher & Date: Michelle Graves. August 10, 2015.
Book Link: Click Here
Listed Rating: 📔📔📔📔 . 9
Price I Paid: Zip,**I received a free copy in return for an honest review**
My Rating:  📔📔📔📔📔

My Thoughts: I Want More of Maggie Moore!!

        Seriously Michelle Graves has written a great book with an awesome female character who is hilariously plague with a BAD case of clumsiness. Lucky for us readers her clumsy mishaps are our gain and I know I've definitely gained a new series. You'll sink into "The Ship has Sunk" and find out what troubles the partners in the "Trouble with Partners" and as for "The Fear of Falling Flat" have no fears the book is all ups and nothing flat about it, well unless you count the times Maggie almost fell flat on her back.

"The Ship has Sunk"- Novella
         This is the introduction into the misadventurous life of Maggie Moore. Things go from great to downright horrible after the phone call came stating her dad had died in action. Maggie and her mom sink into a life of just surviving not living. It's not until her mom threatens to kick her out of the house that Maggie is forced to find a job, basically any job. Maggie applies for a sports column at a newspaper in Atlanta. Though she knows absolutely nothing about sports, she's desperate. Maggie had dreams of working for the Life & Style section, but that dream died the moment her dad died. So when she is hired and inevitably botches the article she figures she fired. Well luck is for once on her side. Maggie is asked to head up a new section online about obscure sports that seems to be more about the people than the sport itself. So eager to take any job Maggie accepts and begins a new stage in life.

 "Trouble with Partners"- Short Story
         Maggie is starting to realize her new career is going to be interesting. Especially when she keeps bumping into the surly John Cormick. She is usually optimistic trying to find the good but all John seems to do is point out flaws, and Maggie knows she has lots, thanks to her close relationship with Murphy. Maggie can't help but become even more clumsy and flustered around John who has been someone she has admired for so long (plus he is too hot for his own good), but meeting him in person has seriously damaged the way she's viewed him for so long. John clearly has something troubling him, but when he refuse to let Maggie help him time and time again, the question remains will their partnership last?

"The Fear of Falling Flat"- Full Length Novel
       Maggie and John have decided to give their partnership a try, which might end with Maggie smothering John with a pillow. John irritates Maggie to no end, while causing her to feel butterflies. Problem is she knows something with John isn't an option as long as he won't accept help for his PTSD. Plus the whole partner thing would just crumble, and then for once Maggie is just having a streak of luck having a few men finding her appealing, if only John would back off. Romantic relationships aside, Maggie is finding out that her new job may be just be what she needed in life after all. Perhaps Maggie was never meant to be a Martha Stewart, but the next report of obscure and strange sports where she could meet new and wonderful people along the way.

        Overall, More please! Maggie is freakin hilarious and definitely someone I wish I could meet in real life. Plus I wish I had her issue of hot men, I mean really if only I could attract so many, geesh. Seriously though I'm rooting for Maggie and John to figure out their relationship. Particularly after their big blowout fight and John's revelation that left him with a smack to the face and Maggie crying big sobs. (Intrigued? Good.) Now, though Maggie maybe clumsy and a bit young, she's real and true, keeping readers involved in her story.  I can't wait to read more from Moore and see what other obscure sports she writes about, but more importantly I want to know about what she'll get involved in along the way to her next article. So if you're looking for a story about a girl cursed with clumsiness and partnered with a man who is distant but has a reason to be, but both feel a connection and may not be able to fight it. Than this is a great series to get into. 

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