Wednesday, August 19, 2015

"Wed's Wonderings & Wanderings": Poker Games and Vegas Adventures

So as I keep mentioning my little brother turned 18 this past weekend. To celebrate this momentous occasion in our family, he's the baby and last one to become an adult, we decided to throw him a party Vegas style. He and his friends love to hangout and play poker, so we decided why not have the party theme be poker night? The guests had to dress to the nines and be ready to play some card games that ranged from straight poker to 21, aka, blackjack which I didn't realize until my brother told me. We even offered UNO for those not into gambling games like myself, throwing money away is just not exciting for me, even in a fake situation.

Lucky for me I was on Picture taking duty and DJ status for the second half of the night. We had kept that half of the night a secret from my brother. You see after the clock hit 10:00 we hit the lights off, then we light up the balloons with glowing lights inside, passed out glow sticks and extra lights, and had other flashing lights going on to turn the rest of the party into a dancing rave. I pumped that place with beats starting with Lady Gaga's Poker Face (couldn't resist) to keep the guest going into the night at least till we had to shut it down like Cinderella at midnight.

 Personally I like our version of Vegas tables better than my attempt into Vegas gambling. It was an EPIC fail, one which almost got us (as in my brother and I) kicked off the casino floor in Caesar's Palace. My brother has always claimed he could pass for 25, and me looking younger than may age usually gets me asked if I'm his girlfriend, just gross. Anyways, so when we were waiting to get into the most exquisite but freaking expensive buffet in Vegas, my brother got me to finally try to "gamble." Basically I agreed to do a slot machine because it reminded me of Chuck 'E' Cheese. Well the machine had no instructions and I stupidly just shoved a quarter in a slot trying to make it go in. After we realized we probably broke it we got up and ran to another machine where I put in a dollar and tried again. This time as I was pressing the button and I think loosing, again no instructions, we were approached by a floor attendant. The guy asked my brother how old he was and asked for his ID, not asking for mine at all, kinda mean, then my dad came and basically my brother had to scurry to my mom because he couldn't pass for over 18 like he thought he could. Meanwhile I'm losing my dollar because I had no freaking clue what I was doing except pressing the big red button.
 Las Vegas is just shall I say an interesting place. I have been there 13 times and each time I seem to walk away with a new story and a different perspective on the city. My first time I ever went to Vegas was when I was 4 years old, my family drove there for my grandma's wedding. Her and my step-grandpa got hitched in this small chapel off the strip among friends and family. I remember the wonders of all the lights and sounds of the city and the fact I got to go swimming at night because it was so hot. This last time through Vegas was especially fun because my whole family was together, me and my sibs are at this age were we are just old enough to be total goofs together. Hence the pic above, my brother decided to pose like the huge statues in Caesars Palace and we got quite a few stares despite it being Vegas. Personally, we never stay on the strip but love staying a bit off in Henderson and driving in so we can walk about and venture into whatever Hotels on the strip we want to explore. Las Vegas can be hot and then cool at nights, but it will always prove to be an adventure just ask anyone who's been they say Las Vegas is Vegas. 

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