Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Two Reviews in One Day

Sadly I struck out on my picks for my "Y.A or N.A. Tuesday" book of the week. My first choice turned out to be a dud and then my second was about the same, actually worst. So I decided to write up reviews on both and post them in the name of reviewer honesty AND my blog mission statement.  

I just feel so bummed because it is truly rare I pick two books in a row back to back that don't work out. BUT there is a first for everything and this week was my first to have read two books that I couldn't endorse let alone even finish. 

Oh well, I have a lot more books in my elibrary and there is a ton of books coming out to look forward to as well. I guess they all can't be my cup of tea, or winners. That's part of the fun in looking for a new read, you can try out a new genre or author to expand your literary taste. Though in my case these two books did not sate my reading hunger at all. In the end all I can say to a book being a free read is  . . .
Hey, it was free!

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