Wednesday, August 5, 2015

"Wed's Wonderings & Wanderings": My Name is Rae and I Am A Shoe-aholic.

I seriously have an issue when it comes to me and shoes. Recently I've been on the hunt for a new pair of white slip on Vans. The shoes have gone from the want category to need to I MUST have in a manner of weeks just because I've yet to find them in my size at this one place for the right price. Really it's the chase of the bargain that's made those darn shoes so alluring since I basically buy a new pair of that style every other year or so due to the material being so easily tarnished, you'd think I'd learn to stop buying them buuuut nope.

Shoe shopping for me is a no stress event I love shopping for shoes whether it be heels or flip-flops, which is why this vice is taxing on my budget. I must say the worst is when I go shopping on my own because I end up walking out with 3 pairs of shoes and leave with buyers remorse . .  .sometimes. So I usually try to have my sister with me, since she'd rather buy clothes over shoes any day of the week. On the other hand if I'm with my brother and we enter a shoe place it's never good, because he too has a shoe problem.
I'm probably alone in this but I basically must have a shoe to match my clothes at all times. So if I'm wearing red I must wear my red shoes, same goes for black, yellow and green even maroon. Well my brother developed my horrid shoe issue too, so when we shoe shop together it's just never a good thing cause we both leave with 4 pairs going, "Well we have that one shirt those shoes will match." and "Of course you needed to get those purple shoes, because what if you buy a purple shirt?"

In the end the way I right off my shoe issue is I usually buy my shoes on sale or wait till my birthday or a holiday to give myself a present to appease my shoe addiction. Plus I normally bank off the fact that at least two pairs of my shoes cost less or about the same as one pair of my brothers stupid Adidas. That always makes me feel better about my shoe purchases. I just have to stay away from places like Saks Fifth Avenue then my budget won't die because I've fallen in love with a pair of $500 heels. 

Ultimately I think women just have too many styles to fall in love with and purchase. I mean really we have: flip-flops, flats, heels, boots, sneakers, and athletic shoes. With so many styles in so many cute and functional forms can it really be our fault shoes become addictive to buy? 

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